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These are the rules, you must keep up to date on these and follow them at all times. No excuses.
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This is where important information will be, including admin intros, any notices or updates.
Medieval Era
General Medieval Character Profiles
Here is where you can place general character profiles if they don't belong in any of the specific board listings below. For example if your character can or might be played in more then one place under the Medieval section.
Forest of Fantasy
This is a beautiful sprawling forest with giant trees that provide lots of shade and resting places. Deep in this forest there is a small bubbling brook that the deeper it goes it grows bigger, into a peaceful gentle river until it connects with a small lake. The water of this lake glitters in the sunlight, and is of a beautiful blue that tells you how clean and fresh it is. Under the surface of the water you can even see fish swimming peacefully. Even as clear as the water is, the further out it goes the deepr it is until it's only blackness, as it's deep enough possibly for some sort of creature to be living there. Although the treeline recedes from most of the water, near one end of the lake the forest crowds the shore beginning to give it a more dark, yet still peaceful feel. Within these shaded area a small cliff rises from the ground and spreads backwards, water pouring from the edge into a wide waterfall spilling into it. The general feeling of this forest tingles with magic, and it's easily believable that fantastical creatures call this forest home, and if you're lucky you will see some of these creatures. The weather is always nice here, whether it is sunny or not it always keeps it's peaceful feel. Even when it rains it's a gentle downpour, and never will you find storms here. For those with weather changing abilities, if they try and force any unpleasant weather changes they will find it extremely hard to do so. Damages are able to happen to this forest, but only minor damages as for some reason everything is resistant to heavier damage. Any damages that manage to happen will be fixed the next day automatically.
Kingdom of Felinorae
This be the kingdom of felinorae, the homeland of the Felinoraen Nekos. Currently in power are the Queen and King Svart, corrupt rulers that have pushed the people into trying to create a rebellion to overthrow them.
Dalgonis Village
A medieval village with everything that you need.
City of Eternal Darkness
Hidden away from normal mortals, this city only exists in rumors that are whispered in the darkest of shadows. It is said that it sits at the bottom of a crevasse so deep that it is within hell itself. Is is also said that the city never sees the light of day and is steeped in the darkness of night for all time, hence where it gets it's name. However, the city itself is not IN hell, but to some it may as well be. And there is truth in that light never touches this city for it does sit in a deep crevasse that shadows always cover it. The City of Eternal Darkness is not surprisingly a home to the creatures of the dark. Vampires, ghosts, demons, dark elves, undead in general, etc. live here going about in a day to day life. Because of the creatures that call this place home there is often death, destruction, blood and gore on a daily basis although the general populace tolerates each other. Needless to say this place is at best a death trap to mortals and at worst their nightmares. Weather here is pretty standard, getting rain every now and then but not often. Damage happens, but nothing large generally does for if too much damage is done to the crevasse walls that surround the city, it would be buried underneath miles of rock and dirt. (Heavy damage must be approved.)
Medieval Lands
Medieval lands, places full of magic and and intrigue. Beware as you travel, as you never know what you may run into.
Swashbuckling with Pirates
These are the wildest and most untamed waves of the oceans, populated by some of the most vicious and devious of people. Pirates. Any ship that sails must always be worried about them, for you never know when one will be ambushed... fellow pirate or not. There are many ports in which pirates also dock at, and these places are known for being dangerous. Venture amongst these people if you dare!
Akuma Manor
In medieval times there exists a place that is hidden in shadow and intrigue. In a foreign countryside there lays a Manor, far from any towns that very few have the stomach to even think about trying to find. Akuma Manor, a household run by vampires. The current Mistress is Ane Akuma, turned by a very powerful, very ancient vampire. Many different types of darker creatures call this Manor home, vampires, succubi, demons, shifters and others. This is a place that if you are able to gain entrance you must remember to always show the utmost respect to the Mistress if you wish to stay... let alone live. And if you are a mortal, you enter onto even the grounds of this Manor at your own risk, for you are what makes up their favorite snack.
In Character Stuff
Here you'll find any information that pertains to your character during the rp (aka while in character) as well as the Character Profiles.
Out of Character Stuff
Everything OoC stuff goes here! This is the ONLY place for OoC stuff!
Forest of Fantasy; Rated 18 Section
Have something that needs to go on behind closed doors away from anyone under 18? It must be posted here! Please join the usergroup: Over 18 Permissions if you are 18 or over and would like access.
Crew Members
Here is where you can post profiles and information about your crew members.
Ships and Crews
This is where all the current ships that are being played can be listed, along with their crews.
Akuma Manor Staff and Guests
Here you can post your character's profile for the Akuma Manor RP. Please remember to specify if your character is a staff member or guest as different rules apply.
Other Worlds
A place for everywhere else that you may want to go.
Modern Times
General Modern Character Profiles
Here is where you can post general modern era character profiles. This is for characters that you wouldn't be posted in the Tokyo's character section.
Tokyo, Japan
Land of traditions, anime, manga, etc. These are modern times that humans walk down the streets in crowds, going about in a doldrum life, same things day in and day out. That is unless you live on the wilder side of life and are involved in the shadier side of life. Gangs abound behind the scenes, with drugs and guns, killings and wild parties. Perhaps unbelievably, fantasy creatures also exist in this world, generally behind the scenes as well. Vampires, fairies, elves, etc all exist having easily lived into this time period with ancient creatures. The weather in this city varies as any normal weather does, and damages are a consequence of life. Minor to heavy damages will occur, but nothing too heavy is allowed to occur, such as the total destruction of buildings, without permission. Typical landmarks of a city can be found here.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, the city of sin, city of lights. The place that never sleeps. This city has many names and many rumors that go around about it. Drugs, sex, death run rampant in the few shadows that manage to live in the perpetual light. So not surprisingly, things like this can happen where people can see, though not often will anyone care. In this city you can gamble, get sex for a price, get married on a whim, find the drug of your choice. You can find almost anything that you want, you just have to find the right kind of person. And of course in this kind of place you will find supernatural creatures as amongst all that goes on it's not hard to hide their true natures. The weather in this city is typical of that of a desert, which is where Las Vegas is located. Minor damage occurs in this city all the times, but never anything heavier as those that control the city in the shadows would never allow it. (heavier damage must be approved)
The Interdimensional School of Knowledge
Welcome to the dimension between all dimensions, that contains a special school. This school is attended by various intelligent creatures, coming from different dimensions. The teachers are all experienced and ages old, gladly sharing their wisdom. Students come to ISK to learn a great many different things, including subjects on learning skills based on their own species.
Faewood Institution
Hello and welcome to FaeWood Institution. We hope your stay is a pleasant one. We have a wonderful therapy pool, your own rooms, scheduled activities and 3 meals a day. Of course, your rooms are locked after lights out, and everything is supervised, as well as you have to remember to take your medication and see your therapist every day. And if you don't play nice you of course will be paid a visit from Mr. Happy Needle. Hopefully you'll enjoy it here, because you won't be leaving any time soon! Not until you can be classified as all better... or sane.
Psycho Circus of Sin
Welcome to the Circus! A place of laughter, joy, family, and fun! Right? Wrong! This circus may seem like it is on the surface, and by all means there are no signs to say that it isn't... However, lurking behind this facade of enjoyment is a group of people that you simply do not want to end up knowing after hours. These people are more then just carnies, circus folk and freaks... they're also criminals... of the worst kind. Killers, and rapists, they are the worst kind of monsters. And once they have their fun in each town, they then move on to the next to find fresh prey... Beware, the circus is coming to town...
The Modern World
Welcome to the Modern World! If you have a post that doesn't belong in the above boards that's based in the modern timeline, this would be the place you want to post it.
Other Places
Everywhere else that none of the above will work for.
Character Profiles
This is where everyone's character profiles can be posted.
The Limbo Orphanage
This is a place for the children that have lost both of their parents and have no one else to care for them, or even those that are given up voluntarily. These poor children need a home filled with love and caring until a family can come to claim them as their own and Limbo Orphanage tries it's best to make this happen. The grounds are beautifully maintained with plenty of play equipment, and there are many rooms to try and prevent overcrowding and all employees treat these orphans like their own children. Inside here you will find the Employees that work in the Orphanage, as well as profiles on the player based children available for adoption. Also any rps that happen in the Orphanage.
Sins of the Fathers
This is in use for part of a Storyline called Sins of the Fathers. There are 4 characters mainly involved in this RP, each part taken already. All this world is seperate from the rest in that any large events that happen to other versions of Tokyo do no affect this SL, and vice versa.
Tokyo, Japan: Rated 18 Section
Sometimes sex happens, and sometimes bloody gore is spread about. Well, this area is for those kinds of posts so people who aren't supposed to be reading them don't read them. So anyone under 18 or the legal age to read mature content where you live, aren't allowed in here. However if you aren't old enough and choose to enter anyways, nobody on the board is responsible.. (Please note: No judging others if you choose to read these posts. Don't like it, don't read it.)
The Staff
Here you can find the profiles and information based on all the staff of the school, including the teachers, and all others.
The Students
Here you will find the profiles and information on all of the students that attend the school.
Other Information
Here you can find all other OoC information, and some of the IC information.
Patient Profiles
Here is where the files on each patient in Faewood are kept.
The Circus Folk
Here is where you can post the profiles of your characters that are in the circus.
Paradise Falls
An area dedicated to the Paradise Falls rp, also known as the Hawaiian rp.
Modern World; Rated 18 Section
Sometimes sex happens, and sometimes bloody gore is spread about. Well, this area is for those kinds of posts so people who aren't supposed to be reading them don't read them. So anyone under 18 or the legal age to read mature content where you live, aren't allowed in here. (Please note: No judging others if you choose to read these posts. Don't like it, don't read it.)
Out of Character Stuffs
Everything for out of character.
Las Vegas; Rated 18+
'What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas' and everything adult that involves stays here.
The Future
General Futuristic Character Profiles
If you have any futuristic characters that can be used in pretty much any futuristic setting you can post their information here. Futuristic Characters only please.
Devastated Earth
In the future, the Earth has become a desolate place, practically a wasteland. The humans that had inhabited this planet ran everything into the ground, wasting resources and destroying each other. Large, main cities lay in heaps and ruins. Isolated regions in these cities are radioactive, lingering from the nuclear wars that had occured. In these areas, mutated animals and humanoids live. Those who do not have the ability to deal with the radiation die if they enter into these areas. The rest of the demolished cities are homes to those who have nowhere else to go and can defend themselves from the looters that come to find whatever treasures left behind that they can. Some of the cities that were nearby these larger ones are completely destroyed, leaving nothing but mild traces of their existence. Only when you get further away from these places do you find, now and then cities that stayed mostly intact, except for the damage that they suffered from the fallouts, weather beaten buildings and mainly full of relics. Due to the catastrophe that struck it, old technology rarely works because of everything frying. If you manage to find something that does work, it can be sold on the black markets for incredible amounts of money, but you have to be careful about who finds out that you possess it for lurking shadows of government don't want people possessing those and you may become endangered, unless they have hired you to locate them. Fantastical creatures walk the earth freely, unhidden now that they have no reason to fear humans, especially those with supernatural abilities. In fact there are factions that are led by supernatural creatures and although some seek to help those that cannot fend for themselves, there are plenty of those that prey on the ones that are weaker. There are still patches of wilderness, in the areas of the world where there had been natural areas left, those have in the time since the infringement of humanity ceased or slowed have flourished leaving areas of deep forest or jungle. Weather on the planet can be very violent in these days, storms raging almost permanantly in some regions, while others although only having average weather, storms will sometimes sweep in without warning. Damage can heavily affect areas on this future Earth, although it usually won't make much difference. Civilized areas where larger populations convene tend to see less damage however (heavy damage must be authorized.)
Lunaria- Space Station
Lunaria is the name of the space station that sits in orbit of the Earth, on the moon. Fairly easy to understand why, this space station was launched into orbit when humanity saw their doom approaching in the wars that plagued the surface of their homeworld. Nowadays this spacestation is home to those that want to be near Earth, yet not live upon it's desolation. To others it's a waystation, a small bustling civilization that they can stop at for a rest on journeys farther out. Aliens, humans, and others can be found here amongst the residential sections or even the business districts. Although every now and then there are disagreements between people, it is a fairly peaceful place. That isn't to say crime doesn't happen, but in this enviroment it stays even more in the background. Weather here is standard as it's mostly inside, and in space of course. If one wishes to experience weather of any type they need only to find one of the biodomes that the weather can be adjusted within. Damage rarely ever happens in this place, minor at worst. No one would even dare to do anything that could cause heavy damage to the station due to the simple fact if they did, everyone inside would be doomed. (Permission is needed for heavy damage, though very doubtful to be given, seeing as it's a space station)
The Galaxy RP
People are now able to live in space... sort of.. Not open space... But they live on other planets now.. As well as alien races... From Venus to Pluto.. As well as alien worlds that have only been newly discovered. However with life in the stars, things have been changing.... Drastically if anything. Upon man's reach into the stars, where space colonies were being built.. and right down to the war on Titan... Something as old as time has surfaced in the stars.. Piracy.. But not just any pirate.. you see.. Space Pirates have surfaced. These are not like pirates of the seas.. No. These are more... dangerous. Usually made of alien races. Yes they are hunted, but these pirates aren't like the pirates of old. They're smarter.. faster. Still the same money hungry, greedy beings..but not nearly as dense. Along with piracy, another old form of money making surfaced... Bounty hunting. These cowboys and cowgirls of the stars came about when the space pirates surfaced.. Their purpose is a simple one.. They live to attack, fight and arrest space pirates and any other criminal for that matter.. And some work hand in hand with the police... others are rogues and keep mainly to themselves. Times are rough.. Not everyone is friendly... Some beings are down right evil and bad to the bone. One must choose carefully who they decide to befriend.. Because sometimes you may believe you have a wonderful friend.. but in the end, you may end up betrayed. The cause behind is simple.. Betrayal isn't an uncommon thing in this day and age. mail... you name it.. It happens. It's a rough place to be. Not even earth is as friendly as it once was.
Galaxy RP Character Profiles

Alternate Dimensions
Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay
For those of you, who like the traditional type of rping best known for D&D, you can come here. This board is run by Yukimaru, who will be dictating the rules, etc that go here. Because of the structured nature of this type of RP, the rules will be a bit different. Campaign settings included may be: Faerun, Eberron, etc.
Character Profiles
This is where everyone's character profiles can be posted.
Character Sheets
Your character sheets for your D&D characters will be stored here.
Calstrians live on that planet and they come in all different looks. There are Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Ice, and Dark. None of these Calstrians have met one another, like tribes they stick with their own kind of race. And each element has had a guardian God/Goddess that use to protect them. Until the Gods/Goddess sacrificed themselves and were trapped inside stones for the rest of their immortal lives. Although their trapped in the stones, they still hold enormous power. Each stone has been passed down to the Calstrian chosen to protect the stone. Each race has a sworn enemy from the Dark elemental race. Dark brings nothing but destruction to anyone and everyone. The planet Calstro is in outer space. It isn’t like the Earths atmosphere at all. But can be toxic to breathe in for normal humans. They wouldn’t survive out there long. Each elemental has remarkable features, almost alien at that. Fire they have the fire’s colours for hair, eyes, and even skin tones at times, same with the other elementals. Dark is all black, and is hard to even see what they look like. As their forms are covered in pure darkness, and all you can see is their eyes glowing evilly at you. Where as Light are surrounded in a dazing light, tends to be too bright. Most of the time Calstro is quiet and peaceful. Where love can be found. Each elemental is betrothed to another elemental stone holder. It was written so shall it be.
A rp taking place in ireland
Out of Character Stuff
General Board
You can talk about anything here.
Character Races
If you have a race that you would like to share you can easily do so here! Can list races here that you want to put up so others can create characters using said race, or even if you just want the information up to help with a rp... or for any reason really!
This is where you may make suggestions regarding the board.
Romantic Arrangements
Do you have a character looking for a fling, one night stand, or an affair? Or perhaps, you just plain want to find the 'One' for your character? A character that you just aren't sure what you want to do with? Well, look no further! Here you can find what you're looking for if your searching for a relationship for your character! Post your character up as available, search the posted characters or do both!
Here's a place for everyone to introduce themselves (well except for staff members since there's a place for that already) Go nuts, tell us all about yourself, why you got into rping, your fave color, food, your credit card number and pin.... Just kidding on that last part^^ Definitely do NOT list that kinda thing on the net... ever...
Medieval Characters
Medieval characters looking for a mate, a romance, sex, to arrange a marriage? Post your medieval characters here for that, and more! Medieval Characters Only!
Modern Characters
Looking for a good person to party with, one night stands, a fling, or a proper relationship that may blossom into more? You're in the right place here! Modern Characters Only!
Futuristic Characters
Have an android looking for someone to love, or a space pirate wanting some good booty? Come check things out here for that and more! Futuristic Character Only!
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