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Tokyo, Japan
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A trip to the market
A Trip To Town - Oh What A Trip!
Oh What Pretty Lies She Tells
A Vampiress' Night Out & Old Friends
The Long Night
The Crazed Doctor & The Turtle
The Adorable Bunny Boy
The Ice Queen & The Deadly Flower
He Returns
The Runaway
The Worthlessness of Money
Finally Settled
Starting of New Lives
Welcome Home Ryuto
He's Bored & He's Sober!
Merry Christmas... Or Not?
Lives Are Being Gambled
The Rat Returns
A Singers Song
And He Awakens
Attachment to Abida
Hospital Psych Ward
Doorstep Surprise
The Strange Painter
A Momentous Christmas Present
The Crazy Doctor
Christmas at the Inginteichou's
The Confused Prince
Enter The Big German
The Continued RP From The Other Night
A Night At The Trance
Love, Pain & Fear
An Eventful Night
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