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Yueryn Sulina

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:40 pm    Post subject: Yueryn Sulina  Reply with quote

Name: Yueryn Sulina

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Eryn, Little Bird

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthdate: Eve of the 7th bloodmoon - November 2nd, 92'

Birthplace: Elonius, the Aviary

Race: Hybrid Harpy

Nationality: n/a

Languages Spoken: Common, mere welcoming words of elven, dwarf and harpy

Current Residence: The Aviary

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Hair Color: Ebony

Height: Five foot Eight

Weight: One hundred and two - due to her harpy blood she is considerably light. Some bones are hallow.

Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): Scales on her shoulders and around her eyes, gray markings of tribal suggestion around face.

Morality: Lawful Good

Disability: Shiny things. She has a considerable bird brain which means she loves anything really shiny and can often lead her astray.

Allergies: None known

Blood Type: AB-

Sexuality: Straight but Pancurious

Love Interest: Unknown

Family: Lavios Sulina - Father. A great big beast of a bird that has long since passed.

Class(es)/Occupation(s): Pet

Abilities: Her talons and claws are superiorly strong. She can crush skulls with little problem and extremely agile. She is known for being silent having perfected the art of moving around, Eryn is a very calm soul. She would rather be injured herself than injure another.

Weapons: Talons and claws. Fangs if necessary.

Other Important Items/Equipment: The 'Auin', a carved wooden trinket about the size of a fist made from ancient black oak trees, a single opal sits neatly within the carving. An ancient piece of her family that has been passed down the line for as long as she has been told. She keeps it close and absolutely refuses to give it to anyone. It is her prized possession and something that links her to her father.

Biography: Caught in the great wilds of the mountains Lavios is one of the largest noted harpies ever successfully trapped. His whole purpose was for glory upon the Lord's name, Rembrant the first. A collector of all things exotic and in search of creating some of the rare submissive breeds of harpies while keeping their strength, Lavios was introduced to the aviary.

Naturally he rebelled for a many good years until sweet tame and vibrantly bluish gray Amora was introduced to the aviary. A lesser known jungle harpy, she was caught for the female humanlike appearance and the startling blue eyes she possessed. While Lavios was many of suitors biding for the young new harpy it was no surprise either when he became the victor.

Producing a single egg that would be one of the few harpies born within captivity, Yueryn was the name her mother gave her but Eryn is what she goes by. Naturally a gentle soul like that of her mother, the hatchling proves to be one of the more dedicated pets. It took no time at all before the Lord's son took a great attachment to Eryn having deemed her his own unlike so many others. One might have even considered them to be friends should the circumstances have been far more open.

Late in fall one year, Amora became ill and passed leaving Lavios with merely a young tot to tend too. It appeared with the loss of his mate that the great mountain harpy became lethargic. The urge to escape fled his body and the only thing remained was raising his little bird. Possessive and protective of her until she was old enough to make choices for herself, the old harpy gave the necklace to her when it became right. Revealing nothing but it was a heirloom that could only be used by their family and one that she should pass off when she had hatchlings of her own.

Eryn proved countless that she was the one Caspian trusted the most, earning freedoms most didn't such as being able to read and loosely write. She was taught simple words in other languages so she might be able to greet them while regaling them with her simply loyalty.

Caspian is fiercely protective of his pet, especially in his later years. It could be seen by some as love but when it all comes down to it, Eryn is just his well trained pet. He would not allow another to have her nor would he let her go either.

All in all Eryn is possibly one of the gentlest souls known to harpies names and it is in that truth alone that makes her the most responsive slave.

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