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Any Port After a Storm

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:50 am    Post subject: Any Port After a Storm  Reply with quote

Wilda 'The Anchor' Rudelle
Pirate Captain Of The Sunset
~There's A Damn Good Reason I'm Known As 'The Anchor'.~
~I Can Come Down On Ya As Heavily As An Anchor, And Just As Painfully...~
~You Would Do Well Ta Remember That If Ya Want To Live To See The End Of The Day~
~And If Ya Be A Part Of My Crew, Ya Know My Authority Is Absolute!~

It had been an awfully difficult time being a pirate recently, let alone a seafarer.  Between pirate hunters and the storms that had overtaken the oceans, many had come to a soggy death within the bosom of their tempetuous mistress. Pirate ships and proper, legal ship merchants, and more had all gone through many losses.  Of course there were some that had survived through the tumultous times and waves that had threatened to swallow everyone and everything on it's surface.

Thankfully, The Sunset was one of the privateer ships that had made it through the storms, and was now safely docked at one of the safe places for pirates to be.  They had been amidst the ocean when the hurrican struck, and if she were to be honest, Wilda had feared for their survival more than a few times in that week.  The ship had not come through unscathed, some cargo had been lost, a couple swabbies and some damage was done to the hull.  And she knew that a good part of the reason that they made it through was in thanks to the dedication and efficiency of her crew.  It helped certainly that not only herself were that of natural denizens of the deep, able to use their hydromancy and natural forms to keep afloat.

Tonight would find Pirate Captain Rudelle 'The Anchor' sitting at one of the tables in the dingy, dirty and rough tavern that served only those of their kinds.  Their safe harbor, where even those of rivals were not allowed to fight- well, there was nothing really stopping them, but it was an unspoken rule that grudges were left at the door or they were ousted to settle them.  Brawls and fights still took place, but anything that could draw the attention of pirate hunters was quickly squashed.

The fiery woman with hair like the sky on fire had her booted feet up on the table, the old chair leaning backwards as she nursed a strong mug of rum between slender fingers. Intense eyes the color of the angry oceans stared into the mug while she contemplated the last while, her captain's hat sitting askew atop her head.

The skies had turned ugly quickly that night burned into her memory, like the gods of the seas were furious. Not that she could fathom what had stirred their rage so, considering the atrocities that took place in the waters frequently.  But it must have been something indeed.  For as the clouds came together, angry and dark, it blocked out all sunlight as the rain drove downwards.  The usually fairly docile waves began to kick up a fuss, lapping fiercely at her ship's hull.  Her and Levi-Ann could taste it in the air and the water.  Something was amiss and something was coming, so they'd gotten the crew to move their asses quickly in tying things down and preparing for a storm.  Not knowing just how bad it was going to be, even though they were lucky and not at the location where the hurrican touched down.  

It was laughable that they had almost thought that they would be spared the ocean's fury, as they had been able to go at least a day without any real disaster happening once the storm formed above.  Later, they learned that almost the entire ocean had suffered.  Almost no one was spared at least some of the natural phenomenon that occurred.  So it was only a matter of time until the hurricane found them.  Wilda remembered as she had stood upon the prow of her ship, and watching the funnel approaching the ship.  It had come out of almost nowhere, bearing down upon them.  As her hair was whipped about her face, and she almost seemed to be staring it down in a dare to try to take her ship, she'd barked her orders.  Levi took on the brunt of the work, considering that in her natural form she was a gigantic beast.  However, it wasn't quite enough to get away from the hurricane.  And it came down on them with the crashing of waves that went higher than the ship.  Truly, luck played some part in the fact that they didn't capsize that day.

Taking on the weather herself, Wilda did what she could to fend off the waves, using her hydromancy to redirect the brunt of the waves so they didn't hit quite as hard. Because of course she wasn't about to allow even the ocean to take her ship from her!  Soaked quickly to the bone, although that was never a problem for one of her kind, she'd held onto the ship for dear life.  One of the few things on the deck that wasn't tossed around like a feather in a tornado, as she clung to it.  Too quickly she had lost track of her crew, but she still commanded through the howling winds to them with her piercing voice.  Later she learned most heard her and it was part of what kept them safe, listening to her.  Although she demanded complete obedience, it was her promise to return that with doing what she could to keep them alive.  

Levi-Ann, in her natural form had coiled around the ship and cradled it amongst her massive body, using herself as a buffer from the currents beneath and some of the hurricane.  It was partly her weight that had kept the boat from being picked up and tossed about by the killer winds.  Of course that meant that she took a fair amount of damage herself, but she was the daughter of the legendary Leviathan.  She could take a lot of abuse and live through it, not that she cared for getting as hurt as she did.  And she was glad that no one she particularly cared for was swallowed up.  Most people had taken refuge within the ship itself as soon as they could. So there were injuries from being thrown around, besides her own. Which was why the ship was docked where it was.  They needed to lick their wounds before trying to take on anything too much.  And everyone figured it would be awhile before anyone was truly sailing at their best anyways.  

The crew was definitely glad that not much of their recently plundered booty wasn't lost to the depths.  Although they had ones like the Captain and Levi among them, it could be difficult for them to even recover anything that sank, especially during a storm.  Currents and waves could make things lost quickly and be buried at the bottom.  

Speaking of the bottom of the ocean, that would be where Levi-Ann could be found right now.  She was in her humanoid form, and since the bottom of the ocean wasn't particularly deep at the chosen docks, she could be found lounging there.  While normally she would easily be found at the side of her Captain, 'The Anchor' had insisted her first mate take some time to herself in order to heal better.  While Wilda herself was capable of being out of the water and healing alright, she knew that her loyal first mate would recover better within her domain.  And if they were to get back to pirating sooner, the better it was for Levi to recover quickly.

So upon the silky sand between the beach and the docks, is where the spawn of Leviathan could be found, her clawed hands cradled behind her head while her turquoise blue hair floated gently about her face.  The bright purple ribbon like appendages swayed as well, while her long spiked tail snaked through the sand in a slow contentment.  Welts and bruises decorated the tender underside of her soft teal body, but nothing too severe. The worst was a healing cut that ran down one of her thighs. Heaving a soft sigh, her peridot orbs eased closed for the moment.

Although while the crew of the Sunset took some well deserved rest, they knew they were some of the lucky ones.  Word had reached the tavern that a couple ships had been taken down.  Among them was the Crimson Tide and the Deathless Draper.  Rumor said that the Crimson Tide had met with the same hurricane that they had, but not given the same luck was now resting upon the ocean's floor.  As far as everyone knew the crew had gone down with the ship, and no one knew of any survivors.  The Deathless Draper had a different fate.  

Rumor about them was that although they had been hit by the storms and waves, they had managed to survive through them, although with some losses of course.  But before they would even be able to try and make it to a safe harbor, let alone any dock, they were set upon by one of the pirate hunters that stalked the seas.  Delma Makiling, the Pirate Scourge apparently had tracked them down.  Apparently there was some deep grudge between her and Captain Draper.  The Pirate Scourge and her blessed sword were a well known danger to pirate ships.  She may be only a single woman tracking them down, but she was  almost a demi-deity backed by her deity like mother.  

Only one person survived the attack, somehow managing to get away from Delma, bringing back the tails of death sown by her sword and skills.  It was a wonder they had gotten away as well, but maybe it had been to allow them to tell the tale of her destroying them.  And so now, somewhere on either the ocean bottom, or floating as a ghost ship was the ship formerly captained by Joan Draper.  

Indeed it had been a long, and trying time to be a pirate recently.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That horrible storm.. Sindle had spent it going between sea sick and fighting to help keep otehrs alive, and do what she could to keep from getting killed herself. Normally, the ocean's rocking didn't bother her. But the violent storm had left the young princess sickened. Terrified, shaking hands worked fast to help with riggling lines and anything else that would need tending to.

She was thankful that the others were with her though.. The Captain and the others.. Surrounded by friends was better than being alone in such a horrible storm. Even with the violent storm though, Sindle did not regret coming to serve under her vessel. The ship was a sturdy thing and the Captain a fair lass. She looked up to her greatly. Almost looked to her as a young teenager might a parent.

On another part of the ship, Iraiza and Jacquotte worked hard to do as they were instructed. And to also watch each other's backs. A few times, Jacky had grabbed Iraiza, yanking him out of the way of crashing waves, or keep the werewolf from toppling over board. Having used her coils to curl around anything that looked stationary enough to hold her down while trying to keep her friend from going overboard.

In the kitchens, Miller raced around from one area to another. The lemur trying his damnest to keep things from flying everywhere. He'd tie things down here and there, other things, he'd lock in cupboards and put broom handles through the handles to the doors.. Trying to keep things inside. Especially pointy things. The last thing the cook needed was speared with one of his own cooking knives. His tail wrapped around his tail during that horrible storm.. To keep from getting it pinched in a horrible way.. Or trapped in a door or stabbed.. Whatever.. It was kept out of harms way. He couldn't say the same for his hands. By the time he was done, his hands and arms and even his feet were littered with gashes from trying to stop blades from falling. Or from broken dishes.

Back outside of the cabins and kitchen, there was other dangers. Overhead, Cayden would be found swinging around like a madman from the crow's nest. His claws latched angrilly into the rope as it flung him this way and that. Screaming out things to look out for for Zeke, the Sunset's shipmaster. Zeke could barely hear him, but was hoping he was doing alright with this. At one point, the man would be flung nearly overboard. The only thing that saved him, would be his claws sinking into the side and clawing his way back up.. Although he likely had help getting back up. Once up, Zeke had returned to the wheel.

Below deck, Angel sprinted around.. Trying to keep her tail from getting slammed by the canons. She'd be working to secure them as she darted from one area to the next. Her nude form moving this way and that. And why naked one might ask? She had been in the bath when the storm suddenly hit. She really didn't have time to get dressed. The entire time she tried to do what was needed, she was swearing up a storm in French. Only a few things left in english.. Of those few things was 'can't a girl get a fuckin bath in peace?!' And several 'shit' and 'ow's. Otherwise, everything else was an angry slur of drunken French.

Meanwhile.. on another ship... facing the same damned hurricane... The Blackshark would be having it's own issues..

Pavati would feel the waves slam as she barked out orders. It wasn't often she was a demanding woman.. But drunk or no.. This was serious. She was scared but for her people, she was trying to stand strong. What she was ordering was for everyone's safety.  She was trying to ensure that they all walked out of this in one piece. But sometimes.. It just can't happen that way.. Sometimes.. things happen.

Amber's daughter, Eudora had hid behind a protective barrier. Safe and sound while the adults handled the struggles above deck.

Of those would be several people being swept overboard just as she told them to get back. In the kitchens, Rem tried hard to get Ian out. But she'd be slammed out of the kitchen as a beam fell, crushing him. The skunk anthro would be sent flying out of the way and into the side of the ship. She'd go unconcious.. Her sister, Val would be the one to pull her away and to safety. While Val tended to Rem, Val's five year old niece would be swept over board. Gone forever.

At the wheel, Raine would be listening for Alieen's orders.. Though above in the crow's nest, Aileen was doing all she could not to fall from the nest. Her hands grabbing at anything she could as she tried to hang on for dear life.. While also trying to keep look out on where everything was. And send down the orders.

Fighting with a riggingline would Kanye.. The owl would be roughly tugging as hard as he could muster. Trying to secure everything.  Seki would charge over to help, nearly going over board as he ran to help out.

On another ship.. Aboard the Crimson Skull, there were more tragedies. Akushitsuna and his sister would be severed from one another. Not that it was a big loss for Aku. He really didn't want to share the title of captain with his sister.. It hurt him, in a way, to lose her.. She was the last of their family.. But she was gone all the same.. She had been torn out of his grasp as another wave slammed the ship. He was in the middle of giving orders when it happened. She had suddenly gone over, had reached for him. He snatched her hands.. But the wind and the waves.. It was too much and she'd be torn away.

By the rigging lines, Soun would be helping Bella. His damn curse having turned him female midway through the fight to survive. He was doing all he could though to hold shit together. Unfortantely.. There was nothing he could do for Bella. She was swept over board before he could even react. The last thing Soun felt, was her fingers touch his.

Up by the wheel, the ship's doctor, Cuttlefish, would dart over. No other choice.. She didn't have the strength for this.. But she was willing to try. She'd watch as Atony was swept over board. The wheel sent spinning violently. It'd result her breaking her arm trying to get it under control. She'd finally manage, but it was a struggle to keep it as such. At least until Aku came rushing over to help, between dodging waves.

Crashing upon the waves, would be one more ship... At least for tonight.. For this bitter.. violent night... The Crimson Diamond..

Orders were given as Maran rushed to save his son. The teenager.. Hayato would reach out for his father, grabbing onto him, to keep from being swept over board. Hayato was terrified. Normally such a mischief filled lad.. But not tonight. The red haired youth was grabbing for his father much the way one might expect from a small child. Maran would shove Hayato into the captain's quarters, locking the door. Trying to keep him safe.

Below deck, Dax rushed from one crate to the next. Trying to secure them down. The elf barely had time to even wake up from his nap when this started happening. He was rushing to ensure the canon balls didn't go everywhere, putting unneeded holes in the ship's hull. As it was, the ship was already taking on damage that not even he could try to fix.

Above deck, Kaelie would be with the taller elf.. Dusty. The two were working feverishly to strap things down. Supplies mostly. But It didn't go as planned. Dusty had reached out for her. She could barely hear him. He had adopted her years prior, as his daughter. The girl was young.. Shouldn't have even been out on her own. The last thing Kaelie would hear of Dusty was "Be brav-" and then he was gone.. An angry wave had washed him over board before anyone could do anything.

The angry sea and skies had claimed a lot of lives that horrible day.. And now, a number of those surviving ships were docked at port. And many of those involved in the hurricane were wounded..

For the Bloody Diamond, the injuries were mild.. But still there. Dusty was gone.. They had lost one of their own. Kaelie was taking it very hard. The young thirteen year old having fallen into a depression and had become snippy towards everyone.. Even the captain. Hayato was wounded.. But it was mild. Just a cut to his cheek that had to be stitched later.

Then came the Crimson Skull.. Aku sported a fractured shoulder. But was otherwise fine. Angry not at the storms or his crew.. But more so angry that a portion of treasure that had been plundered had been swept over board in that mess. And furious that his ship had taken so much damage. He'd be at port for a long time. Then there was Cuttlefish.. The youth had taken a broken arm in the mess. But the doctor was also at least alive. That's all Cuttlefish cared.. She survived. Mostly everyone did.

The Black Shark had also suffered losses. Ian.. gone. As was Rem's daughter. Rem still in a coma like state, having yet to wake. Val refused to leave her side. Rem had a serious concussion from the impact. Aileen had a fractured wrist but was otherwise fine. Seki had broken his leg near the end of the storm. But would be alright in time.

From the Sunset, Zeke had taken a small gash to his arm. But was otherwise fine. Miller had a broken ankle and a fractured wrist. And then there was Cayden. From swinging around as he had due to the winds, both arms were dislocated. But he was at least alive. So there was that. Sindle had bandages over her hands were the ropes had sliced into her.

How long had it really been though since that storm? Of those there at the tavern tonight, Angel would be found slumped down at a table by the door, her feet on a table, sound to sleep. A faint.. almost purring sound leaving her as she slept. Miller would be found seated with the captain, slouched down in his chair, holding a mug of rum in his good hand. Sindle sat not too far off, sipping tea and watching everyone else. Uncertain of what to think of that huge storm. The teen's mind was still reeling form it all.

Seated at the bar itself, a black haired, Chinese male, sat with his head down. His hand resting on the wooden handle to the mug of mead. He wore a white martial arts themed outfit with a red shirt under it. A black belt, tied off to the side slightly held his white top closed. A yellow ribbon was tied around his neck, the ends left to hang down his back. Soun just.. wanted to rest his eyes. That's all he wanted. He felt just.. exhausted.

Another would wander in though tonight. The woman was small framed, delicate in appearance. Dark brown eyes peeked out from the curtain of straight black hair as she made her way inside. Arashi had survived.. But only because she hadn't been on board the Crimson Tide when she sunk. No.. Months prior, she had flatly walked out on Dawson. Not even a fairwell.. Or at least, nothing quite so polite. In fact, she had insulted him many times over. Threatened him before leaving. In short, she had turned flatly against him. Threatening Dawson with death if he ever came near her again. She wore her usual red and black kimono. A black dragon decorated it. Just japanese themed clothing like usual. At her hip, hung her katana.

Standing just outside the bar, Cuttlefish would be found. The neko lass was leaned up against the outside of the tavern. A lit tobacco pipe in her good hand, her broken arm, cradled lightly against her body, held in place by a crudely crafted sling. The young doctor would quietly stand outside, and smoke while she watched people come and go.

Swimming around near the docks, another had surfaced.. A certain.. silver haired mermaid.. She'd swim closer to the docks. She'd swim over so far, before stopping at a rocky outcropping. She'd pull herself up out of the water, letting herself to perch there quietly. It was the first time in a long time that Echo had dared venture this close to shore. It wasn't exactly..normal for her. During the whole storm, she had spent it flung this way and that through the under currents of the ocean. It was just nice to be somewhere where she wasn't being rolled and spun all over the place.

And finally.. At the docks.. Another would show up on a sinking row boat. How it had survived the storm was anyone's guess. A white haired male was seated inside, constantly bailing water out of it. As it came into port, he'd step out onto the docks once he was close enough. A bored look given as he watched it sink.. He'd huff, muttering..

"Well Shit..."

He'd shake his head and head for the tavern.. A drink.. He needed a damn drink.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aye, the entire week of storming had been a bloody mess, and it seemed not a single pirate was in a good mood over it.  Only a day or two had really passed, so it was only natural that no one was as lively as they usually would.  It seemed  that the majority of the patrons of the tavern were doing like Wilda was, nursing drinks and trying to relax.  Of course, as Captain, 'The Anchor' there was a lot that she had on her mind.  

Rocking her chair slightly, she tilted her head forward, letting her captain's hat slip forward a little to shadow her eyes as they lifted up from her drink and looked about the room.  It was an interesting mixture of characters, as per the usual.  Although one that stood out a little was the Asian woman.  Pretty fancy for one of those that could usually be found in such a place typically.  But really only a momentary curiosity for the moment.  Her eyes mainly went to those of her crew that were present, her brow furrowing gently in concern as she saw their injuries.   Finally they came to rest on the one sitting at the table with her, Miller, with his bandaged wrist.

"Before we be shippin' out, I'm going ta make certain that we 'ave a medic aboard," Captain Rudelle spoke before lifting her mug to slender lips and tilted it back to take a long swig.  Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she would let a wry grin appear. "Not gonna let my crew get so banged up again, and not have some ta take care of ye all." The fact that she had voiced those thoughts, meant that she was absolutely serious about it.  When Captain Rudelle spoke about doing something, one could be certain that she would keep her word.   Part of why she had such fierce loyalty from those aboard her ship.

She took another drink as she nodded firmly to herself, confirming the thought in her mind.  Now just finding someone who could serve as a medic was the question.  While there were those who knew how to slap on bandages and maybe sew a couple stitches, she wanted someone aboard that could take care of more than that.

As for Levi, she was enjoying staying in the water, allowing the swaying waves to soothe against the sores and cuts over her scaled body, while she mulled over the age old conundrum that she found herself in.  Her hand came up to the necklace that Zeke had given her.  It really was the only kind of thing that she wore.  Technically naked as a jaybird, Levi didn't care.  She was of a reptile persuasion, so it wasn't like there was too much out there and nudeness was a hang up of mammalian creatures.  Especially that of humans.  

Levi-Ann considered those that she cared for especially.  There was a deep devotion in her for her Captain. A marvelous woman, even if she was human in appearance.  But she was so far from those limitations and there was nothing but awe in her for the Captain.  But the Captain paid her no mind.  It was disappointing, but Levi knew the Captain would always be the way she was.  And then there was the one who gifted her the necklace. An interesting male he was, and kind to his shipmates.  Then of course, Jacquotte stirred her lust.  

As she thought about them, the ribbon like appendages shifted in colors, and she grinned to herself.  Her mind wandering to her father, perhaps she could do as he did and not worry about settling down.  No need to make choices that way!

She was humming to herself, a warbling sound beneath the waves when the movement of the two that had recently arrived caught her attention.  Easing open an eye in time to see the flash of scales go by, Levi followed the mermaid visually until she reached the rock that she seated herself upon.  Not too long after she saw the boat that sank to the bottom of the dock area and she tilted her head.  Curious now, she decided to visit the closest creature to her.  Which would end up being the mermaid.

Pushing herself up from the bottom of the ocean floor, Levi twisted about in the water before kicking off towards the rocks that Echo had sat herself.  Mermaids were a more common aquarian to be seen under the waves than some of those that she knew, but that didn't make them any less interesting to the curious serpentine being.  Paddling upwards, a mischievous grin curled over her lips to show off her pointed teeth, she kept the rocks between her and the mermaid.  Sliding through the water until she was right against the rocks and then pulled herself up and out of the water suddenly.

"Well, hello there," Levi chirped in her feminine watery tones as those bright green eyes landed on the mermaid.  That grin took up a lot of her face as her long ears tilted fowards eagerly, her scaly skin shining under the night sky.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A rough week.. bad storms.. There had been a few fights outside on the docks after the mess. Rival ship crews arguing and bickering when they had first come into dock. A few of Aku's crewmates had tried to pick fights at the docks when they first came into port, with some of Wilda's. It resulted in Aku himself, knocking the troublemakers into the shallows. His way of punishing the offenders from his crew. The other crew were left be. Injured or not, the way Aku had seen it at the time, was if they were frisky enough to start fights, then they were frisky enough to swim.

Aku would be at the tavern himself, tonight.. He was somewhere between half asleep and very drunk. Just thankful that he was alive.. Thankful that at least, most of everyone had made it. Injured, yes, but alive. That's what mattered. The first day at port, he had spent it giving a funeral service to the ocean, for his sister and those others lost. Although some part of him was also thankful to be free of his sister. It was like.. having a heavy weight lifted.

Cuttlefish had done her part on treating the injured for the Crimson Skull. She'd push off the wall outside and wander in. She looked just.. exhausted. She'd settle down at her captain's table. Realizing that Aku looked like he was about to doze off at any moment, she'd gently take the mug from his hand so he wouldn't wear it, and set it on the table. Then she'd settle into her seat, relaxing.

For the injuries, for the Sunset, Angel had done what she could for everyone. She hadn't been injured.. But had been angry with the storm. Because she hadn't been injured, she had volunteered herself to at least try to patch everyone up.. But she was no medic. All she knew was that people told her they were hurting.. For those hurting, she simply splinted what looked to be a screwy joint and bandaged the cuts and attempted to stitch the more serious ones. Though her stitches weren't that great. What she couldn't handle, was likely handled at the clinic at the port.. And she wished them luck after trying to help. Though now, as said already, she was passed out in her seat.

Miller would take a sip of his mead, before setting the mug down, letting his hands to rest over his lap. He honestly couldn't recall what had happened to their last medic. Were they even on board during that horrible storm? He'd nod in agreement though all the same. A medic was definitely important.

"Aye, it'll be a good thin' ta have.. That was 'ust.. chaotic the other night.."

Chaotic.. Ha! ...More like terrifying. He couldn't remember a time before then that he had been so scared. Not that he'd willingly admit that, mind you. He'd smile up to her, from his slouched position. He had high respect for his captain. The woman was honorable.. even for a pirate, as far as he was concerned. Stuck to her word. He admired that. Her and Levi.. The only two he'd willingly take orders from without a second thought.

Unfortunately, he didn't know of anyone. At least.. Not off the top of his head. He'd turn his gaze to the sound of movement.. Watching first the lass in the kimono.. That was a different sight.. He was certain he had seen her somewhere before.. But he couldn't place where. And then there was the neko that come in and gone to a table. He figured the neko likely knew the man that was almost asleep, judging by how she moved the cup from his hand without any reaction. He'd give his shoulders a little shrug, before looking back to the captain. His back was sore from being flung around, but stubborn lemur.. He stayed in his slouched down spot.

Arashi would give a light nod to those inside as she made her way to the bar, settling down there. She would look calm and relaxed. She'd dig into a sleeve of her kimono, freeing coin to pass to the barkeep, ordering herself some sake.

Jacq did think quite fondly of Levi. The naga seen her as very interesting. And did enjoy her company. Seen her as a dear friend, but also wouldn't deny that the woman was attractive either. And Zeke, to be totally honest, he had a crush on Levi. Though had never been able to voice it openly.. Too shy, and uncertain of how she might react if he did. And the crew mates... He cared for all the crewmates in all honesty.. Good people, and he seen them all as his friends.

At the shallows and rocks, Echo hadn't seen her when she swam by. She likely would have stopped to say hello if she had. Though as it was, she'd perch herself up on the rock, carefully smoothing out her hair, so it was out of her eyes. Her tail fins slapping lazily against the rocks. She was thankful that tonight seemed so peaceful. No storms.. Thank the seas and stars.. Her eyes slid closed a moment as she fidgeted with a knot in her hair.

When Levi popped up suddenly though and spoke, Echo would give a started, almost mouse like squeak before toppling back into the water. She'd surface quickly, looking around. When she spotted Levi, she'd chuckle, smiling.

"Oh... Hi.. You startled me."

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