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She Returns

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:12 am    Post subject: She Returns  Reply with quote

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She Returns
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Marza Wolfkill
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Time spent with gypies has paid off. Their travels had brought the vampiress back to the lands of the castle. It had been twelve years since she had lain eyes upon the place. It was certainly good to be back. Blond hair fell over her darkened cat green eyes.. Her eyes almost seeming to have a feral appearance to them as she stepped down from the horse.. They were still in the forest.. But the tippy top of the castle's lovely towers could be seen from where they currently were. The band of gypies had wished for a break..a rest from the travels. They were only mortal.. Odd how someone like her could travel with these.. common cattle. Yet, here she stood.

She'd adjust her clothing a bit as others moved about getting a fire going in the falling snow..and others set up tents. They worked so hard.. They reminded the blond of rats.. scurrying rats trying to avoid the elements of nature. Wavy blond hair would fall over her face as she the Russian woman stepped a little into the forest, away from the group she traveled with... It had been quite some time since her last feeding.. She'd need to feed again soon.. Her gaze darted over each indivual that was gathering around the roaring fire they had built... Just common cattle that they were.. A thought entered her mind.. They wouldn't be missed.

The way she was clothed, it was probably amazing that she herself wasn't huddled up against the fire for warmth like the others. A simple, yet skimpy top covered her chest. Held together through golden clasps and golden silk ties. The fabric itself was quite rough..some sort of leather. Yet white like the snow. With brilliant golden trim and golden decorations that formed flowers and butterflies. It was a muscle top in a sense as well as a belly top. It stopped just below her chest.. Short golden fringe with tiny golden bells rested against her pale, bare skin of her upper stomach..actually just above her stomach. Dangling from either ear would be long, jingling earrings made of small bells and chimes that jingled just like a windchime. Around her neck rested a matching golden necklace with the same trinkets. Draping down from her arms, held at the upper arm, wrist and around her middle finger would be a golden and white silk sash...Decorated the same as her top was. It drapped delicately behind her and flared out each time she moved..Espicially when the wind caught her just right. On her lower half, resting just on her hips, leaving plenty of her mid section visible, would be a matching item like her top.. Made of the same rough leather material. It was an odd belt.. Though it only rested on her hips, dipping low over her groin area..holding flaring pants in place. The pants were made of the same material as the sash that dangled delicately from her arms. It pinched in the front of her body, held in place by the odd belt and it was the same in the back so it made a pair of pants. The belt jingled with each move the woman made. And to complete this outfit, she wore not a single item on her feet save for the anklets that chimed when she moved her feet.

She just stood by the horses...watching the others.. Then it happened.. One of them cut their hand on a branch.. That's all it wrote.. The scent drifted to her.. And once it took her attention, it was like she just snapped. Her vampire side taking over. Fangs were bared as she'd suddenly go barreling towards the others. No-one could stop her.. Blood spilled.. Some splattering over her slender, lilth form..while the rest was drained from the helpless humans she had been traveling with. She still surprised herself that she had been able to curve herself from feeding for so long in front of them. Though it was clear what she was now. She'd rip through the camp like no-one else could.. Each victim, drained dry and tossed aside like yesterday's trash. It wasn't till she finished that she would actually look around..Slowly returning to 'normal' ... A cruel little smile touched her lips as she stepped forward, stepping on one of the dead's cheeks..pushing the corpse's face into the dirt.

"Filthy vermin... And yet... For vermin..You taste vonderful...."

That heavy Russian accent left her lips as she stepped back.. She'd tilt her head to the side...Ignoring her mess...She'd wrinkle her nose a bit seeing the blood that had been needlessly spilt when they had fought her in an attempt to get away from the hungry vampiress..only to fail. Though now she was quite full and content.

"I von't ask for you to rest in peace.. Ze earth vill consume you eventually.."

She'd smirk before turning on her bare feet and moving towards the horses once more. Some of the horses would freak out at her mere presence among them. Yet she ignored it as she grabbed one of the reigns and pulled the horse to her. Once the horse had ceased resisting, she'd move up to it and hop onto it's back. She'd kick the horse's side to get it moving..riding towards the castle.. Which didn't take her long at all by horse back. Once there, she'd leave the horse to do as it pleased.. Not really worried if it did wonder off. Instead, she'd go to the castle doors and push them open.

"Honey, I'm home!"

The force she used to open the doors, it'd send them crashing into the walls behind them, leaving dents in the brick walls before they'd roughly swing shut. Marza would walk past them just as they closed, giving an odd purr as they brushed against her arms. The castle staff, panic swept through them as they'd either move out of her way or try and see if she wanted anything. Though for now, they went ignored as she moved towards the hearth. Having had her meal already, she was interested in warming herself by the fire..for now.

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