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Paradise Falls- Hawaiian RP post

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:59 am    Post subject: Paradise Falls- Hawaiian RP post  Reply with quote

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Paradise Falls - Hawaiian Rp - RP Post
Thread Started on Jul 22, 2010, 8:30am [Quote] [Modify] [Delete] .png
[ Lucky Marsh-River Peregrine ]
-Ocean Biologist / Local Beach Bum-
"I like to tell people who never surf that the
surfing.. It's like taking a shower.. Except it just
lasts a life time.. We are the lucky few who get to play
in the ocean and upon the waves.. During that time, you are
truly one with the ocean.. with nature.. It makes humans better
better beings because of it. So grab a board, and catch yourself a wave."
{ Theme: Kokomo by The Beach Boys & Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles }
*The rain had long since stopped. And even though it was well past noon, he still lay sprawled out on his palm tree leaf and wool stuffed bed. The only thing separating him from the leaves and wool would be a thick cotton sheet that was wrapped tightly around the mattress. Soft snores escaped young male from time to time as he just lay there buried under the lighter top sheet, his arms wrapped tightly around his pillow which he'd seem to be cuddling at the moment. Laying next to him would be a border collie which lay on her back, her feet slightly sticking in the air. As for the boy, well dark brown and light brown streaked hair fell over his tan face as he slept. Another night spent partying on the beach.. So him sleeping this late certainly wasn't an odd thing on his behalf. He'd let go of the pillow finally, only to roll and cling to the dog now. The dog would make a soft grunt only to lay there slowly going back to sleep. Much like her master, she was too damn lazy to bother moving at the moment. Though it didn't take long, and the dog would wiggle out of her master's grasp and slip down on the floor. Where she went would be the front door..which was just a door made out of palm tree bark and leaves. She'd give it a lazy nudge, the door now standing wide open as it swung outwards. In doing so, sunlight would pour into the shack. As for the dog, she'd wander out onto the wet grass and down across the open field heading towards the beach. Of course she was supposed to wait for Lucky, but since her master slept, the dog didn't bother.

Back in the shack, he'd curl into a ball as he pulled the dull blue sheet over his face trying to shield himself from the rays of the sun. Even as he curled under the sheet, soft groans of annoyance left his lips. The boy was a strange one.. He loved surfing.. Practically lived for it.. But he also liked to sleep quite a bit. He'd roll onto his back, only to lazily scratch at his stomach as he struggled to stay asleep. If anyone were to enter his shack, well they'd find that the place was very traditional in it's making. The walls were made of mud, palm leaves and palm tree bark. The floor was dried mud and clay that had hardened long ago. So naturally the floor probably wasn't exactly the cleanest place in the world.. Nor were the walls really. His bedroom was probably the only main room in the whole place. The room he called his room was huge and served as both the living room and the bedroom. He even had a tv and a few game platforms and the games to go with it. Of course though he didn't have electricity.. Everything was ran off of two or three generators. Including his bathroom stuff. There were only a few rooms in the place in reality.. A large room that he called his room / living room, the kitchen, a spare bedroom (Which he refused to sleep in), and of course the bathroom. The bathroom was perhaps the only nice room in the whole place.. It was the only one that had carpet so at least the floor was clean. There was no tub though..just a shower, a sink and toilet. The plumbing being about the only truly modernized thing in his home that didn't need the generators.. Actually the only thing in there that needed it was the hot water hook up as well as other small odds and ends.

Back out where Lucky slept, he'd poke his head out of the sheet as one eye slowly eased open. He'd mutter something in Hawaiian as he'd begin to stretch his lanky body out. He was scrawny built, still had muscle tone to him.. Though all the same was still a bit on the scrawny side. Dark hair framed that handsome tan face of his. And matching dark eyes would finally ease open as he give a sleepy yawn.. small fangs visible. The fangs only lasted a moment before his mouth clamped shut and he rolled onto his side to push himself up into a sitting position. Though as he did so, he'd feel something drop onto his head. He'd blink a few times only to reach up a hand calmly and pick up a cane spider that had fallen on him.. At first his eyes went wide till he realized it was just the spider's husk.. Meaning a simple shed skin. Once he realized what it was, he'd heave a sigh of relief and roll out of bed and onto his feet. His nose would wrinkle slightly as he stretched his arms above his head before tipping himself slightly off to the side and then upright again..After while of this, he'd finally stop having figured it was enough stretching to get his body fully woken up. He'd pick up a remote and click the generator on before clicking the radio on.. Party tunes soon started blasting through his hut/shack. He'd blink towards the door only to smile slightly.. The door was standing wide open.. That meant anyone walking up the field outside his home would have had a peek show.. He was barely clothed.. The only thing on his lanky body was a pair of tidy whities which were actually a dull ocean blue. He'd bring up a hand and run his fingers through his dark hair before going to the door and pulling it shut. He knew it was unlikely that anyone would be out on his property.. Not many came up onto the field anyway due to the fact that the beach was just a bit off to the side.. So honestly who in the right mind would want to be playing around in a field when they had an open beach to play in and on. He'd take a look around the place briefly.. Starfly wasn't in the hut... He'd shrug figuring the dog had gone off to play in the waves or to stir up some form of trouble.

He'd walk towards the bathroom now. Once there, the door would go pushed half shut as he'd take care of what needed to be done, the toilet then being flushed. With that, he'd turn to look at the shower and get the water started deciding to get a quick shower before going off to find something for breakfast. He'd take off the blue undies, only to toss them in a half full hamper and hop in the shower, the tropical curtain being drawn shut so he could shower in peace. Once the shower was over, he'd step out of the shower and dry off part way only to wrap the towel around his lower half, giving his head a bit of a canine like shake sending droplets of water spraying onto the mirror that hung above the sink near the toilet. His bathroom really wasn't that big. But it was all good. He'd yawn now as he'd step out of the bathroom and wander into his kitchen. He'd get out a bowel before looking to the fridge.. The generator in the kitchen was perhaps the only one he let run all night and all day.. For one reason.. The fridge. He'd ponder before he'd set the bowl on the bamboo table.. He'd move to the fridge now.. one hand still holding his towel closed as he'd get the milk out and nudge the door closed before setting the milk beside the bowl. With that, he'd move to the cupboard to get out his favorite cereal. He'd put that on the table as well before leaving the kitchen to go get dressed. He'd pause at his bed, only to toss the towel carelessly to the bed before moving to his dresser getting out a clean pair of swim trunks. With that, he'd pull them on and and head back towards the kitchen, stopping once to make sure his board was still next to the door. Seeing it, he'd give a satisfied grin and go back into the kitchen and seat himself on a bamboo stole and pour himself some sugary cereal and then dump the milk on it. He'd just be setting the milk aside when he realized what he forgot. He'd laugh at himself only to get up and go to the sink getting a spoon from the strainer. With that, he'd move back to the table and take his seat once more and begin to eat.

Once he finished, he'd get to his feet and go to the front door, opening it. He just hoped his dog wasn't out causing too much mischief. He'd shake his head slightly before going into the kitchen to clean up the table and put the milk away. Once everything was taken care of, he'd return to the living room/bedroom area to get his board and a beach towel from the indoors clothing line. He lived like most bachelors... His place probably wasn't the cleanest to come across.. About the only room he took great measures to keep clean was his kitchen. Then again he was picky about cooking or eating in a dirty area. He'd take his beach towel and drape it around his neck before slipping on a pair of flipflops and grabbing his keys and board on the way out.. Not like locking the place up would matter in the long run. If one really wanted to, it'd be easy to cave the door in. Not like he cared though. He'd step outside, and pull the door shut and lock it up. With that, he'd put the chain the keys hung on around his neck and head off towards the beach with his board held at his side. As he walked, he'd call for his dog. Though out on the beach itself, Starfly would be found rolling in the sand and chasing birds. Loud barks issued from the collie as she tried to pounce the birds here and there.. Her bright red collar nearly vanishing into her long black and white fur.* of Service | Privacy Policy | Report Abuse | Mobile

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