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Iris Fujiiro

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:10 am    Post subject: Iris Fujiiro  Reply with quote

Iris Fujiiro
Cat Demon


Name: Iris Rose Fujiiro


Gender: Female

Age: 298 years

Birthdate: January 3 (as of 2011)

Birthplace: Ember Garden

Race: Cat Demon

Nationality: None

Languages Spoken: Demonic, Common, Feline

Current Residence: Garden at Akuma Manor

Eye Color: Amethyst Purple

Hair Color: Dark Purple

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 137 lbs.

Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): Has a tattoo of a cat's paw print on her right ass cheek.  Always has a soft purple rose in her hair.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral

Disability: Catnip

Allergies: None

Blood Type: N/A

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: None

Class(es)/Occupation(s):  Gardener

Abilities: As a Cat Demon she has the ability to shift between her neko form, and that of any sort of feline.  Increased strength, catlike reflexes, senses and agility.  Has learned to be able to use her demonic energy to manipulate plants.  Can make them grow, do as she wishes, and other such things.

Weapons:  Claws and fangs, demonic energy

Other Important Items/Equipment: The scarf she wears was given to her by a human friend that she had made as a child.


Iris was an only child to a pair of cat demons, that would raise her in a peaceful place that was called Ember Garden, a place that was made up of demons on the surface world.  She grew up under their traditions and ideas, and although the place was mainly demonic they did live in harmony with the mortals that could stand to be there, and the adjoining mortal village.  

When Iris was well into adulthood and she was in her 120's, she met a mortal man, a kitsune to be exact.  He was just a normal, mortal kitsune, unlike the demon kitsunes, however she was smitten with him. His playful and happy nature made every day a joy as they played under the sun, spent all of their time together.  Even though she had cared for others, the kitsune had been the one that she would fall deeply in love with, even though she knew how short his life would be. Eventually she told her family about how she was in love with him and meant to marry the kitsune and start a family with him.  Unfortunately her family were not so favorable towards the news as they had hoped.  Although they were fine to befriend mortals and such, they were not willing to allow their family's bloodline to be mixed in with that of a mortals and dilute it.  But when Iris refused to break it off with the one that she loved, they would disown her, and was banished from their home.  Saddened, she would leave and the kitsune would go along with her, proving how much that he had cared for her.  Shortly after everything happened though tragedy would strike them as the kitsune that she loved would contract a disease that only mortal's were able to.  The only way to cure it was from a very rare type of plant that was hard to come by, and because of it she would work hard on using her demonic energy to manipulate plants to assist in locating it.  Unfortunately Iris would not succeed in time as he would pass away, in her arms, leaving her all alone.  

Iris wasn't happy to be left alone, but with no one to turn to she would turn to the things she had been working closely with, plants.  For many years she concentrated on developing her abilities along with plants until she mastered them, from an entirely self-taught way.  In fact she was quite isolated in that time.  When she was 290 she finally decided to travel and get to know others, to finally have a life and steady place to live.  

Eventually she had come across a small mortal village that she would stay in for a month or two, when one day she would be approached by two demons.  They would spin a story, telling her that the humans of the village had kidnapped demon children and they were trying to rescue them.   They wanted Iris to do recon for them and tell them certain information that only her, as a cat demon could get to with her ability to change shapes.  Angered by what she thought was true she would agree to help them and scoped out the village.  However, when she returned to them she would come across the pair talking about how they had tricked her and soon they would make the humans pay for kicking them out of the village by killing them all.  Unfortunately they would catch her as she tried to leave, and pinned her to the ground.  They would try to force the information out of her by threatening her first, and as she wouldn't tell them they would force themselves on her. With the way they had ended up tying her up, hands behind her back and her feet together she wouldn't be able to shift forms for fear of breaking her front legs and couldn't retaliate.  Taking turns they both raped her, using her as they wished while trying to get her to talk, but still she refused.  When they had fallen asleep afterwards, Iris would use her demonic abilities in order to have the plants cut the ropes that she was held by and would make a run for it.  

Unfortunately for Iris, they would pursue her and they were quick as well trying to still catch her.  For days they would chase her through the brush until they were approaching the Manor, unbeknownst to them.  Although she would caught by them once again as she would twist her ankle and couldn't move fast enough.  Just as they were about to commit the same act upon her once again a man stepped in to stop them.  After a battle and struggle, the man who intervened, Oz would kill them and had healed Iris.  After seeing her capacity with plants he would tell her about the Manor and said she might be able to get a job.  When suddenly accosted by an Incubus she would take off and slipped into the Manor, finding the courtyard and the admirable garden that was present.  The Mistress coming across the woman admiring the gardens would offer her the job and Iris would accept happily.

Shortly after that, she would form a relationship with the one who had saved her, the first time ever since the death of her love. However it would turn out that he was a trickster and after making her think that he actually cared for her, he would leave, disappearing on Iris, leaving her heart broken for the second time in her life.

Ever since that time she has concentrated completely on the garden itself, taking refuge within it.  While she's not nearly as vicious as most others that live and work in the Manor, Iris is not very sociable these days.  And if you harm any of the plants and survive (some of the plants are predatorial) you face Iris's wrath...

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