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Shimiritikia Zanderienia

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:27 pm    Post subject: Shimiritikia Zanderienia  Reply with quote

"Outlaws.. That was the name given to those
with only freedom as their guide. Guess what.. I'm
just the same. I'm an outlaw, nothing more. I am not a
criminal. I just do as I damn well please. You don't like it? Well..
GET OFF MY SHIP! That's what I think you can do. Call me a hot head
if you want.. I don't quite frankly care what you think. Like me or hate me, your call."

Theme: Points Of Authority by Linkin Park & Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Name: Shimiritikia Tuzia-Viae Zanderienia

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Shimi, Miri, Riti, Tikia - Among other outlaws, she is known simply as 'Blue Wolf'.

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthdate: August 24th ( Leaving the year open due to the fact that she is being placed in the futuristic setting. )

Birthplace: Jupiter's Moon - Callisto

Race: Werewolf - Wolf Anthro

Nationality: Japanese

Languages Spoken: Japanese, English, Shadowrainin, Ctarl-Ctarl

Current Residence: Space - She goes wherever her ship takes her.

Eye Color: Golden

Hair Color: Blue with lighter blue highlights.

Height: 5ft

Weight: 124

Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): Aside from her blue hair hair and tail and ears, on her lower back, she has a tattoo of a peace sign dangling from a bone. The bone has a dragon curled around it.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral - Some days are better than others with her. She has her odd days where she's not so friendly and will snap easily. And there's days where she's completely random and an all out flirt.

Disability: Men. She is a flirt. Though aside from that, she also loves to eat. So food tends to distract her easily. Her favorite being rare meat. She likes the meat so it still has the taste of blood on it. Though besides that, she's also a hot head. And tends to anger quickly and also tends to charge into a fight without a plan let alone knowing what she's going up against. All it takes is the wrong thing to say to her, and it'll set her off. She hates being called a dog.. that is perhaps one of the quickest ways to actually piss her off. That and calling her animal.

Allergies: None - Though if asked, she'll say authority figures.

Blood Type: AB

Sexuality: Bisexual

Love Interest: None Yet

Family: Five Brothers, Two Sisters, Several Cousins, Mother & Father, Aunts & Uncles, Great Grandfather - Please note: She rarely speaks to her family, usually staying out of their way due to the fact that there are several of those in her family that are actually in law enforcement or into bounty hunting.

Class(es)/Occupation(s): Outlaw

Ship Name: The Fire Bone

Pirate/Outlaw Status: Ship Captain

Bounty Number (Only List if Wanted): XJK - 4-9 BR-ALPHA-29

Bounty Price (Only List if Wanted.): 100

Abilities: She is excellent in hand to hand combat. She is also good with a gun. However, her favorite weapon is a mix between her own body and a poison laced dagger.

Weapons: Hands, Feet, Teeth, Claws, Poison Laced Dagger, Hire Powered Gun - Please Note: She can also make a weapon out of just about anything... including chopsticks. She's a very resourceful person.

Other Important Items/Equipment: Her red scarf. She don't care what outfit she's wearing, she has to have that scarf with her. If it comes up missing, or she loses it, she tends to get very, very cranky. It was a gift that was given to her by her first love. Something she just never let go of. She left him though.. But the scarf, she holds dear to her heart due to the fond memories it has attached to it.


August 24th (Year left open.) - The cries of a blue eared baby girl would be welcomed into the world on Jupiter's Moon - Callisto, an hour after sun down. Golden eyes would greet the doctors as she'd yawn and look around.. Still wailing her little lungs out. And she didn't cease the crying till she was placed in her mother's arms. The moment she was in her arms, she'd just stare at her father who sat at the bedside. That moment, her parents would decide to call her Shimiritikia Tuzia-Viae.. And of course she'd gain their last name. She'd be the youngest and final child born to the family as well. Shortly after she was brought into the world, her mother would get fixed, not wanting anymore children. Adding Shimi into the family added the family's toll of children up to eight kids.

Growing up, Shimi didn't have a perfect life. But it wasn't bad either. Being the youngest, she ended up with quite a number of hand-me-downs from her siblings. Anything from clothes to toys. She even ended up with a few of her brothers' toys over the years as she grew. Though it was alright. And as she got older, instead of following her sisters around, it'd be her brothers who she was constantly trailing behind. Always trying to mimick them. It got the point where her oldest brother had pushed a kid at the playground down from the top of the slide to the hard ground below, that she'd mimick that too. Though she didn't push a kid off the slide.. Nope, she'd push a little girl off the swing and stand on the girl's back... refusing to move. Shimi's mother would actually have to pick Shimi up off the girl so the girl could get up and leave. This went on right up till she was twelve. It was at twelve that Shimi completely lost interest in following her brothers around. Instead, her sights turned on her great aunt. Her aunt was a B class space pirate. And Shimi began looking up to her..wanting so much to be just like her. Though her parents wouldn't hear of it.

At the age of fourteen, Shimi would run away and go live with her aunt. She was with her right up till she was seventeen. Though somewhere in that time, Shimi had fallen in love with the whole idea of being able to do whatever she wanted when she wanted and not worry about what the punishments may be. Her aunt would encourage this behavior from the girl..teaching all she knew. At the age of sixteen, Shimi would get her ship. It was a strangely shaped one, but Shimi quickly grew to love it. The ship was shaped like a very large bone. When she first got it, it was a milky white.. Though that didn't last. Shimi would have it painted to match her hair color with flames painted up over the ends of the bone bumps and up along the sides. What was more, this ship was a grappler ship. Which suited her just fine. Her aunt would begin training her now.. Teaching her how to fly it and how to move about asteroid fields and anything else that may get in the way of traveling. Though things  have a way of changing.. A week before Shimi was to learn how to arm and disarm her ship, her aunt would be captured by the Galaxy Police and placed in the jail on Titan. The very jail that no-one has ever escaped from due to it's extreme gravity. Because of this, Shimi would go out on her own to try and discover and learn all she could on her own. It wasn't till she was eighteen that something else would happen... A something that would keep her from returning home.

At eighteen, her mother and father would find out that she had gotten into being an outlaw. Her father tried to talk sense into the girl.. Telling her she was now a criminal. But she wouldn't listen. Her mother even tried, but she'd brush off what she was being told and tell them it was all bullshit..refusing to believe it. After all, her aunt had told her she was just an outlaw..nothing more, nothing less. So she believed it. Though it wasn't till she found out that her brothers had gotten into working with the Galaxy Police, that she'd turn her back on her family, refusing to even speak to them. It just angered her to no end to learn that it had been her own brothers that had put her aunt in jail. Because of this, she fled into space. And now at twenty years old, she is still out in space. Just roaming and trying to make a real name for herself as she slowly climbs the ladder...Hoping to one day become well known.

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