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The Flowerpot & The Pink Cloud
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Joined: 11 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:54 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Chantin would smile softly. He was just concerned for his new found interest. And feeling Jon's hand on his own, he'd smile softly. Just enjoying the feel of the other man's hand on his own. If it wasn't for the fact that Jon was driving, Chantin may have laid another kiss on the man. Though he would be relieved that the 'trick' of his eyes seemed to go unnoticed.. That would have been interesting to say the least to have to explain that. Especially with having only just met him.

Though he'd smile hearing Jon.Jon was right.. Normal humans couldn't weather the heat in the day. But Zhou was different. In the fact that his brother loved the heat. His brother being half naga, the heat was a welcomed thing.. Perhaps that was why Zhou had left with no real warning other than 'Oyster is the world! And I'mma eat it!'. Was it mentioned that Zhou was off his head?

"Yeah. But he likes it. He spends just about all his time at the Nile River fishing. Last I heard from him, he had been trying to catch a crocodile that stole his meal he was cooking."

There was a hint as to what part of Egypt that Zhou was currently in. And by meal, well Zhou had killed a camel. And was cooking part of it when the camel was stolen by a nile crocodile. Of course though, Chantin hadn't known what it was that Zhou had been cooking when the food was stolen. He just knew his brother had said in a letter that a crocodile made him lose his dinner and Zhou had to go out and hunt again.

Then they were there. The little fast food joint. He'd smile softly as he looked at the place.

"It's alright.. It seems pretty relaxed right now. And looks like a really nice place.”

Once Jon was parked and was starting to get out, Chantin would happily follow suit. Jon was right. And it was just as Chantin had said as they were pulling up, it was quiet..a bit on the dead side and seemingly peaceful compared to where they had just come from. Not that he minded.. Being in the casinos, Chantin had learned to block out most.. Made things go smoother. But there was just something about Jon that had drawn the pink clad man's attention.

And as they approached the door, Chantin would walk happily with Jon. Refraining from skipping. Oh he was still quite happy. But he was still Pride.. And now that they were in a new area, he thought it best to just try and walk with Jon rather than skipping along side the man. Once inside, Chantin would come to a stop beside him. After Jon had placed his order, Chantin would look over the things offered before hearing Jon. He’d blink over at him, only to smile softly. Normally, Chantin wasn’t a big ice cream eater.. And would actually avoid it if he could due to the cold content of that type of sweets. Though tonight, he was deciding to be bold. He’d try the ice cream. It just meant come later after it was eaten, Jon could look forward to Chantin clinging in search of warmth.

“Normally I don’t eat a lot of ice cream. I’m a bit sensitive to the cold.. But I think I’ll try some.”

With that, he’d decide to go with a strawberry flavored type and would get a cherry on top of it. And the slightly oddball that he was, he’d get rainbow sprinkles on it. Although Jon was right. When it came to sweets, Chantin was an addict. The only down side to this was Chantin had a habit of getting very hyper when he got into sweets.. Hyper, and in cases like tonight, even more Pepe Le Pew-ish than he already was..Romance wise.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"A crocodile, really? Talk about some bum luck!"
Chantin's story made him laugh, which produced an odd look from the young lady behind the counter as she handed off the strawberry shake.
"Ah-ha, see? I told you it was good." Jon laughed as his order showed up shortly after, and he picked a window seat booth for the two of them.
"Here we go, a lovely heart-attack in a wrapper."
Granted, once the paper was off, the burger gave off a mouth-watering smell, at least for the few moments it was there before Jon had put away most of it.
The blonde made a noise of approval before he finally stopped stuffing his face long enough to breathe.
"Sorry, mate! I probably look like swine sitting here wolfing this down. It's hard to catch a break for a bite while you're chasing down police reports all day."
Not to mention keeping an eye on certain unruly little pricks that won't follow the rules...
"So you have three siblings. Must be pretty nice. I only have a little sister, and she doesn't get to visit with me very often anymore. Our schedules don't cross-up very well."
That was a short version.. the real problem was that even his most important family member had to find a time when Jon wasn't out tangling with vampires, ghosts, aliens, or some other problem.
He couldn't very well let even his little sister know what his job really was...

And as he thought about it, his phone started to play some upbeat, hyper electronica music to get his attention.
Jon frowned and shrugged as he pulled the phone out and glanced at Chantin.
Couldn't he have five minutes to himself?

"GQ. What's the problem?"
As Jon listened to the deep voice speaking on the other end, his face reflected what he felt.
Something between worried and pissed off.
"Yes, Sir. I'll look into it immediately. Sorry, Sir. No, Sir. Yes, Sir."
The conversation was short, and Jon's part in it was barely a few words, comparitively.

"Looks like I'm being forced to take a rain-check on the movie..."
He sulked. Why on earth did something always have to happen the minute he thought he had time to himself.
"Gotta go save the bloody day, as ususal."

With a dismayed look, Jon stuffed the last few bites of his meal down, and threw away the paper, then held open the door for Chantin.
He unlocked the car and did the same, opening the passenger's door like he was escorting royalty.
Was Jon sucking up now that their 'date' was ruined?
"I'm so sorry about this. Where do you want me to take you? Back to the Planet Hollywood?"
He asked, once he got into his seat and buckled up.[/img]
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Joined: 11 Jul 2011
Posts: 86
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

He'd laugh and nod. Of course he'd keep to himself that his older brother had captured the crocodile and made it into a pet. But it was of course something he couldn't very well speak of anyway. After all, most might find it a bit strange that someone seemingly human might even want a crocodile for a pet.. Considering crocodiles were known man eaters after all.

"He said in the letter he hadn't minded. Just meant he had to go find more food. Though he seemed amused if anything."

And again, that was because Zhou was amused. Zhou had found it hilarious actually after the thieving animal had been caught and had in fact given the large reptile a kiss on the side of the head before leading it home. Yes, his brother was very strange.

Once the ice cream arrived, he'd give the shake a careful yet tiny sip. Cautious of the coldness that it produced. Though that still didn't stop a cold chill from running down his spine from the shake. Though Jon was right. It was very good.

"It totally is. This is the best shake I've ever had."

A big smile lit his lips as he happily followed Jon to the window seat. Deciding to sit across from his wonderful prince charming. Though a giggle left him as he saw Jon start to wolf down the burger.

"Oh it's alright. You don't look like a swine."

He'd take a more bolder sip of the shake. He'd shiver before taking another gulp. It really was good. This even beat out Corky's back home. Though then again, he rarely ever touched this stuff. Though already, he was feeling more like clinging and cuddling into Jon as the ice cream did it's job to chill him. Though he didn't move from his spot.. Just enjoying Jon's company and spending time with him. Though hearing Jon, he'd tilt his head to the side questioningly. There were more than three..Way more.

"Um.. Sort of. There's more than just Disia, Havoc and Zhou. Though they're scattered..Anywhere from Tokyo and on. It is in a way. I know most of my siblings. Some I haven't even met. Or I met when I was too little to remember them. Though I know what you mean.. Schedules can really get in the way at times."

He knew enough about schedules getting in the way to understand. Sometimes he had what it took to deal with the gang life that he lead.. Plus juggle everything else. And other times, he just flat up didn't. Though he always did what he could to find time to do everything he liked. Including running with his older sister. Which was usually an every day to an every other day thing. Though Chantin also understood more than most would about Jon's work... Or would if he knew what it was. After all, Chantin was more than met the eye.

Then the phone rang and Chantin would fall silent so he wasn't interrupting.. Letting Jon speak to whoever had called. And while he sat patiently and as silent as ever, he'd take an actual drink of the shake.. The shake now nearly gone. He'd shiver after that.. By now, he was quite cold. And finding it hard to get himself warm. Goose bumps showing up under the sleeves of his pink jacket and black silk top. It wouldn't be much longer now, and the sugar would begin to take it's effect.

He'd fidget with a napkin now.. Trying to keep the rising sugar high under lock and key. Though with an already natural sugar high flying, it was hard to keep an actual sugar induced sugar high from just tossing fuel to the fire.

Then Jon hung up and he'd blink listening. He'd tilt his head to the side, curiously. Though he didn't have to ask why they suddenly couldn't go to the movie.. And while a little hurt, he understood hearing him say he had to go save the world.

"Aw. Well, if you like, I can try and help you."

He'd finish off the shake before throwing the paper cup away. When the door was held open, he'd sigh gently and walk out. If Jon was sucking up, all it was doing was causing the pink clad man to adore him all the more. Then the door was opened and he'd get in, delicately making sure he was completely in the car. There was always another time for a date. Though he'd smile softly when Jon got in as well. Hearing him, he'd just look to him. At first, he was a little perturbed that their day was ruined.. But it faded just as quickly. And he'd bring up a hand gently touching Jon's cheek in an adoring manner.

"It's alright, Flowerpot. As I said, if you like, I can try and help. Really, I'm up for wherever you wish to take me."

In other words, he was willing to help him. All he had to do was say the word, and he could count on Chantin for the help. As he spoke, he'd buckle himself in. Careful as always to not wrinkle his clothing.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2011
Posts: 42
Location: someplace cold

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Um.. well.. I'm not so sure it's a good idea."
Jon sounded fairly serious, though he still held an apologetic smile.
"I'm not exactly in a line of work that's healthy, if you know what I mean."
The blonde chuckled a little. He couldn't just right out and say what he did, but letting Chantin know the risks wasn't a bad thing.

As he drove back up the road, Jon's Shelby was passed by at least a half-dozen NVPD and Clark County police cars, lights and sirens blaring.
"Oh great..."
He commented. As he pulled the car over to let them by, Jon paused, stretching his arms while he yawned.
"I don't even want to know what's going on up there."
Unfortunately, he had orders to go find out.
Though before Jon could even make it back into a lane of traffic, he watched the police cruisers come to a halt.
"Whoa!" He said, though another wide-open yawn. "Doesn't look good, does it?"
The blonde idled there a moment, trying to blink away the overwhelming feeling of fatigue that was settling over him. Why was he so tired all of a sudden? He knew fast food made you sleepy, but this was rediculous!

"I'm not feeling so great.." He murmured, noting this feeling was sticking, and growing worse. The cop cars just sat there with everything still going, no one was getting out.
"Something isn't right here!"
Jon unbuckled, and got out of his seat, killing the engine.
He opened the door, and was almost immediately hit with twice the amount of effect from inside the car.
With one foot on the ground, he slumped back into his seat, clinging onto the steering wheel as a last-ditch effort to stay awake. It wasn't working very well. Though half-lidded eyes, Jon glanced over at Chantin.
"Hey, whyyaren'tyooo..."
Before he even finished his question, Jon was sawing logs, sleeping soundly even as uncomfortable as it might have looked.
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Joined: 11 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was alright. If Jon only knew the type of work that the sweet man in pink was in, Chantin could only imagine how he'd react. Chantin wasn't exactly in the delicate line of work himself. Chantin was in a gang for starters.. and a fully trained and very accurate assassin. Girly or not, the pink clad man was very good at his job when he was on the job. Right now however, he was not working and was as such, inclined to relax. And now that he met Jon, flirt.

"I'm not scared. I'm a big brave boy. I tie my shoes and everything."

He'd playfully and cutely stick his tongue out at Jon. That was then.. And now they were going off down the road. He'd look around, watching the police drive by. He'd wrinkle his nose in disaproval of the cops going by. While Chantin was an ex cop, he really didn't care much for the police. Found them to be nussicance if anything.

"That's a lot of police, Flowerpot.."

He'd watch cautiously. Police.. So many police.. Why couldn't it be tour buses of his favorite bands? He'd watch where they were going before looking back to Jon. It didn't look good.. And it worried him.

"No it doesn't. Wonder what's going on."

He'd watch him. Chantin wasn't feeling the effects as deeply as Jon was. Well not in the same way. Making him sleepier, just increased that pepe-le-pew type quality to him. And made him strangely even more hyper.

"Are you alright?"

Now he was very worried for Jon when Jon had mentioned not feeling well. Then Jon got almost out. He'd blink a few times and unbuckle himself. He had just been about to reach out to touch Jon's shoulder to see if everything was alright before Jon just suddenly seemed to fall asleep in mid question.


He'd gently nudge him.. Trying to figure things out. Though when nothing seemed to click to make sense, he'd get out and move around to the driver door to move Jon to the back seat. At least to give his precious Flowerpot a better sleeping spot than slumped uncomfortably in the seat. After which, he'd take a seat in the driver seat, just thinking. Trying to put things together to figure out what to do next. This was something that had never happened before.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2011
Posts: 42
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chantin being left in the middle of a blacked-out stretch of road all alone probably didn't happen before either. Nor did lightning zapping the road ahead of them three times in a row.
But, hey.. You didn't meet slightly drunk and pheramone-high soldier-boys and get them sleeping like babies next to you merely a little while later just any day, either.
Some good, some bad... and the ugly just ran by, laughing as he loped past on the roofs and hoods of cars. He stopped for a moment to give Chantin a wary, intimidating gaze; considering he wasn't expecting anyone along his way so soon. Everyone else was asleep, and would be for a few more minutes..
"Now would be the time to start running, if you have failed to notice!" A voice and brand of sarcasm that sounded a bit like the mouthy brunette kid Jonny had been with earlier bellowed. Though what little was noticable of the bluish blur that stopped for just a fleeting moment hardly looked like that brat.
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Joined: 11 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, it was true. Tonight had been a maze of things that usually didn't happen to the pink clad man. He'd look in the back at Jon. Part of him wished he'd wake.. Though another part was happy he was asleep.. It meant he was at least safe.. He'd turn his gaze back to the road.. Just in time for the lightning and then... The man that raced by. He'd tilt his head to the side. The one that zipped by, he didn't recognize.. Least not at first.. But that voice, he knew that voice.. It took him only a moment to be able to piece together who the name had belonged to and he'd pull the door shut.

~*~That kid.. No way.. It.. It can't be him...~*~

He'd shake his head after a moment. He wasn't about to run. The glamor would break, the dark pink eyes showing now as he'd mutter under his breath. The car would fire to life. Though the engine itself was not running. It was moving by means of a spell. He'd be just steering it. He'd take off down the street in the direction the blur had gone.

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