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Gekai Demon

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:04 pm    Post subject: Gekai Demon  Reply with quote

Name of Race: Gekai Demons

Basic Description: The most common thing about all Gekai ( for the most part ) is that they're a very violent , blood thirsty, sadistic, and rather egomaniacal species. The Gekai race has always had a bad reputation to them. Known to have quite a taste for not only human blood, they’ve been called the cattle drivers of the human race, enjoying the taste of not only blood, but flesh, muscles, organs, and some even say their favorite part is the hard to eat bone marrow. In desperate times, they’ve also eaten other meats, but they would rather partake in a fresh human than a cow any day.

History: -Coming Soon-

Personality: Gekai do have horrible egos. They think them the greatest and oldest of all demonic species, and think others are subpar to their own. However, unlike most demons, they do not go bragging around town that they are the crème de la crème. After centuries of doing just that, the younger generations have finally figured out it’s better to keep such thoughts inside. Reason being is that Gekai are also known for being horrible manipulators. They love to play and toy with their minions, their food, and basically anyone they come in contact (including own family members.) A cunning tongue, intelligent outlook, and a charming personality is their most outward appearance. They do this in the want to have people trust them, to make allies of people they want to use, and trick their enemies to put them at their weakest. If they have any type of sex appeal, they will use it, and will even use it against the same sex if it will get them what they want. They will act, lie, be whatever they need to be and appear as if they are working for someone and is completely on their side. But Gekai are always working on a selfish agenda, and will not stop until they get what they want.

Physical Description: Gekai are a race of demon that generally look just like humans. Although skin tones vary depending upon the species of Gekai. Gekai transform from their demon form to their human state (much as werewolves and fiends do). One thing that is the same about the demon form no matter what the family is that in this form Gekai are up to two inches larger than in their human form. The actual amount of the difference depends on how much the individual Gekai work at making themselves physically stronger. Those who work very hard at this will be two inches longer, so long as they maintain this work. Ceasing this work will decrease the difference between the forms. There are five known type of Gekai. Which are classified as 'families' even though not related. And they are as follows:

Family Chinuru: Their element is that of fire, unable to be burned and able to manipulate it at their will. Older members of the family sometimes have the ability to use their own energy to spark it from their body, but the young and untrained need some sort of previous flame to make it grow. Their demonic forms usually have dark, almost onyx skin, long hands, large feet with a dew claw on the back. This was once the largest, violent, and most powerful of the families. They are known to be the highest class and controllers of the other Gekai, which has resulted in many wars in the past few decades. A few times where they were nearly wiped out.

Family Viedma: Their element is water, preferring cooler places, rain and snow, and are known for having a lower than normal body temperature. They are able to manipulate water into different structures, and some of the elders have been known to cause it to freeze and use it as a more solid weapon against their enemies (though they do not have the ability to, for example, freeze the water in another's body). Sometimes, Viedma members in desperate times will actually cut their body in order to use the water in blood to strike against their enemies. This is considered a suicidal tactic. When in full demonic form they tend to have grey skin, and sometimes have bits of frost that attract to their hair. This was the third largest of the families, known to be the second family to rebel against the Chinuru line.

Family Lacroix: Their element is of pure death. They are the masters of shadows, and usually are the most cunning and verbally twisted of the other families, being well versed in convincing others with their words. Their full power in death made them quite the reapers, and were known to be able to draw the energy of someone dying to make them stronger, and sometimes use it to kill their enemies. Many of the elder Lacroix are known for completely hating daylight, and prefer to stay in the shadows. In full demonic form they are 100% black, and the only color is in the iris of their eyes. The Lacroix family line was the smallest of the families, killed mostly by the Chinuru line, due to arguments of rumors that state once upon a time the two ancients were lovers. This 'family' line is a dying breed. While still around, it is getting rare to find them.

Family Vepres:  They are called the ‘Mother Nature’ family, due to their element being that of Earth. This was considered the healing family of the Gekai, due to the fact they were rather good at using plants and herbs to make wonderful lotions for cuts and other wounds, usually used to either aid their own, or use as a source of interrogation or helping to keep their meal alive and fresh a little longer. They were also masters of poisons, and were able to use plants such as thorns and leaves as their weapons. In their full demonic state, they tend to have a darker brown tone to their skin, sometimes with their preferred weapon growing from a certain part of their body. Out of fear, the Vepres joined the Chinuru line in full allegiance, but were nearly completely destroyed by other families for their ‘betrayal’ and their own weakness as healers instead of fighters. They now serve the Chinuru line out of fear of being completely wiped out. They are seen as nothing more than servants to the Chinuru.

Family Jubrai: There are rumors that there once upon a time was a fifth family line, the first to strike out against the blood thirsty Chinuru line. However, the only thing known is that it was completely eradicated by the Chinuru lineage, and that none survived the slaughter. The name itself is but a whisper on the wind. If there are any left, they do good at keeping themselves well hidden. And tend to be loners, keeping their distance from others of the Gekai families. However due to them leading the first strike out, it has since lead the other Gekai into several wars against one another.

No matter the family though, the Gekai tell is always the same. Every Gekai have crimson color iris', and each family present their strength and their honor in the same fashion: tattoos. At the age of 10 for both males and females, the children are brought to what is known as the ‘Marker’. This specially trained Gekai will use a special sort of black dye to make the first marking tattoos of their family and the child’s special ability. (Such examples: A Vepres that likes to use thorns will get a ring of thorns somewhere. A very fire loving Chinuru will get a flame of some sort. A Lacroix will get something like clouds of darkness.) No matter what, the tattoo is always pure black, and no other colors. It’s common that Gekai however, will get these later on in life more and more, and sometimes overdo the symbols all over their bodies. This tends to be their largest tell, since its so clearly noticeable. However, the easiest way to tell a family apart is usually a connection to their element, which they will usually carry around with them: Chinuru will carry lighters, Viedma will have bottles of water, Lacroix will have parts of bones (sometimes as jewelry), and Vepres will have maybe some plant material or soil on them, as well as bottles of poisons or potions.

Morality: Range from Chaotic Evil, Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic

Homeland: Opasnyy - It's another dimension, home to demons of all kinds. Mainly to the more dangerous ones that post a larger threat to humanity. These types of demons were sealed away centuries ago. Though every now and then, one either is able to break through, or is forced out into the human world. Recently, the Gekai are considered completely extinct. Due to interspecies warfare, several family lines attempting incestual breeding, as well as being caught in a horrible bottleneck evolution effect, and have been recorded as extinct for the past 50 or so years. Though their numbers through their decline had remained at 1:1, during its last few generations the pregnancy chance was 35%, and the chance of the child surviving was less than 15%. But being labeled as extinct also stems from being sealed away with various other demon species. There have been no current data stating that the Gekai were living amongst others.. At least not till recently when the

Relations with Others: Towards humans, they are dangerous. Most Gekai would view humans as a meal rather than a friend or ally. Although there are a select few, and while rare, they do make friends and actually curve their eating habits to allow themselves to be around humans. Although, generally speaking, most Gekai would sooner kill a human, than make friends with one.

Society: Aside from being killers, they will consume a human right down to the bones and blood... They are currently at war with each of the species. Especially the Chinuru. They've been fighting with one another for freedom. Trying to get out from under the opressive Chinuru ruling. Though it's by no means an easy task.

Traditions: Among the main things passed along, would be their killing ways. They are taught from a young age how to kill quickly. Taught every single main artery, vien and shown each major spot to strike that would bring both prey and enemy down. Aside from that, there's their natural abilities. A Gekai’s control of the elements really depends on what family they descended from. Their strength in said traits depend also on how old they are, and how well practiced they are in their manipulation abilities. This can be compared to learning an instrument. Over time, they have to continue to practice or use it so that they become better. One must cast and interact with their family element, and those who are too lazy will slowly lose their elemental grasp and would have trouble controlling them. The downgrade is slow though, and a complete loss of control would happen within one to two months. This usually is found out though in the middle of battle, and those who were too lazy to practice, of course, are killed off. Those who realize their mistake are able to re-learn their traits and find their center with their elements once more, usually by being in constant interaction for days and weeks, and some will not even separate themselves from them. This is why one of their tells is carrying items that represent their main element.

Gekai also have a very good balance with that of shadows. Though they cannot manipulate it to their will, Gekai are capable of standing in thick shadows and still their body, heart beat, and breath just enough that they ‘appear’ to have disappeared into the shadows. (IE. Ninja vanish.) This trick is usually used when attempting to find information and sneaking upon prey, and of course be completely broken when introduced to light that ruins their shadows, like a flashlight or a blinking street light.

Though Gekai are of demon decent, they are usually more powerful in elemental and spell tactics, rather than physical being. They use more of their brain and their powers in order to defeat an enemy in battle. This means that, though they can be killed almost as easily as any human, getting through their tactful quick minds can sometimes be difficult.

Language and Literacy: They often speak in common demon tongue. Though if angered, they go into what sounds like a crossing between French, Russian, Demon, and Japanese. They are very intelligent and well taught.

Names: (Is there any sort of pattern/style to how they're named?)

Racial Traits/ Natural Abilities:

Chinuru - Though Chinuru cannot make fire from anywhere, they can manipulate flames and project them and move them in directions they need. Very skilled masters can actually make flames much larger and manipulate them to make forms (Example: A fire dragon, a fire ring) by will alone, though this form does not have any independent thought of its own (for example, a Chinuru may make an image of a dragon from flames, but that dragon cannot act independently, it is purely the puppet of the Chinuru). Also, constructing a creature from flame takes a lot of energy and is considered a 'master' skill, but even then this could not be sustainable for any longer than a few minutes. Their skin does not burn easily, and they enjoy very high amounts of heat. They also spend much time studying different pyrotechnics as well as chemistry to ways, through science, make better fires, as well as much better attacks and defensive techniques.

Viedma - Can manipulate water and create forms from the liquid for defensive and offensive tactics. These tactics depend on the creativity of the Gekai, but they cannot make water from nowhere, but can draw it from places and combine it to make large amounts (IE Rivers, Lakes, Puddles, Fog, Rain, Ice, Body Sweat, Blood.) This pull range is limited to their own strength in these abilities, but no Gekai has ever drawn any farther than 7 yards from a water source, and can only carry as much as their body weight. Elder Viedma members after much practice have learned to manipulate it well enough under water to create currents, whirlpools, and create air bubbles that they can keep with them to help breath underwater for a short amount of time. And wil, if cornered and left with no other choice, actually slice themselves in order to get access to blood.. which is liquid to use against their enemy. But this is a suicidal tactic as it could result in their own death.

Lacroix - Use the pull of death to their advantage, and feed off death energy to make themselves stronger. This does have a backlash in the end, and will make them feel sick after they've used up all the ingested death energy, but it does give them a boost in physical and magical strength. Practice and age dictates how much a Gekai can absorb and use, and have learned to limit themselves or force themselves into an early grave. Elder masters have been able to preserve the sensations of death energy and can use it almost as poison to give to people, and slowly rot themselves from the inside out. They tend to carry dead material on them (bones / flesh / graveyard soil) to help channel the energy much better.

Vepres - Have a large mastery of botany and a vivid understanding of plants. The more learned a Gekai is of botany, the higher and more powerful amounts of poisons and healing potions or salves they can make. They also know how to help a plant grow in not just soil but in difficult environments and some elder more learned Gekai have even learned how to grow their favorite plants in their own flesh. These Gekai have also learned the best ways to use nature as a weapon as well (Harden the structure of leaves and petals to make them into throwing daggers, strengthen the grip and dexterity of vines and thorns to make them into whips, keep cactus needles dipped in poisons, ect. Depends on their creativity.)

Advantages Include:

- Though mostly sadistic, all Gekai hold very masochistic qualities. They actually enjoy pain upon themselves, giving a thought they are invincible. However, this is just a mental state. If they were injured in any way (IE: Shot, stabbed, hit with something) the body does act accordingly. They will simply moan, or act like it was nice, and continue on. They are not impervious to any sort of damage though.

- They are really good at being able to butcher a humanoid, and have certain tastes to different muscles of the body. Their sense of taste is very high as well, to the point they can almost taste if their victim is an alcoholic or a drug user. But, if they do taste a lot of alcohol or drugs in the system, they can sometimes be effected by said drugs or alcohol as well.

Disadvantages Include:

- Since they are of such dark and deathly energy, angelic qualities tend to be rather strong against them. This means that Gekai tend to avoid Angels at all costs. Even a simple bless from an angel would cause their body tremendous amounts of pain that is far past their own mental limitations. The Lacroix family line is considered the most fearful of Angels, and will explain that the pain from a bless is so terrible that they think they are actually dying. For some Gekai though, like ones who are very weak or are already wounded (like with wounds that could have been fatal but survived) an Angelic Bless could actually push their already wounded bodies to a breaking point. The brain in a defense moves to shut down the body to try and save it from the pain, but in an uneventful twist actually stops its mechanics so far it kills the Gekai.

- Because the Gekai are considered rather part of their family elements, they tend to have weaknesses to opposing elements. It is much like how the 'actual' element (Fire, water, earth) interacts in nature. In these cases, Gekai would also try to stay away from people with the following elements, due to the fact that they would be weak against them.

Chinuru fear having their flames put out. This means they will avoid those of water or air, because they do not want to have their fire put or blown out. If a Chinuru Gekai was soaked with, lets say a hose, or put in a very cold place, they would be unable to create a flame, which would make them feel almost completely defenseless. If they cannot make a fire, they cannot attack.

Viedma are very water based, and those that can put defense to it make them rather uneasy. They do not like those of earth elements since water cannot destroy rock so easily, and it can be absorbed by the soil. If a Viedma Gekai was restricted from their water source, they would also be almost unable to attack, and will sometimes be so desperate as to force themselves to bleed in order to get some sort of water to defend themselves.

Lacroix, as discussed, are extremely weak against that of Angelic blessings, and can feel like they are dying when blessed.

Vepres tend to interact more with plants than that of soil or rock, though they are of Earthen elements. This means that they fear being burnt by fire, or having their plants burned away by flames, which would be their number one source of attack. They also tend to be against very industrialized areas, because there isn't as much interaction with the Earth, and will tend not to enter out of fear of being caught without an ability to use their own element. - If it doesn't have flesh, they don't want to eat it. Any sort of plant of any kind, even spices on some meat, make them sick to their stomach. Sometimes it's a little, but if they are force fed their broccoli, they will vomit hard. The only real spice they can have to any of their meat is salt, because it does not come from a plant. This makes them completely carnivores, due to the fact that they actually cannot digest anything but meat, which is why they grow so sick.

- They're very bad at hiding their tells. Most of them don't care, or simply give up on it.

Additional Details: Elder Gekai, by law, can put younger family members to death. If by doing wrong, or just… because they don't like them. However, Elder Gekai must surpass the other by at least 20 years, and they must be from the same family line.

And some do get exiled. Especially if they don't do as they're expected.

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