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Norna Mae Annet

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:25 pm    Post subject: Norna Mae Annet  Reply with quote

-To be updated-


Name: Norna Mae Annet

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Muse

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthdate: September 4, 1991

Birthplace: Oslo, Norway

Race: Half Norn/ Quarter Elven/ Quarter Human

Nationality: Norwegian

Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Eye Color: White (Without pupils)

Hair Color: Pale Silvery White

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): Pierced ears

Morality: Neutral

Disability: Is almost always listening to music, and is usually completely wrapped up in it, making her distracted.

Allergies: Dust (sends her into a sneezing fit)

Blood Type: Unknown

Sexuality: Bisexual

Family: Dyret (Father), Verdandi (Mother)

Class(es)/Occupation(s): Composer/ Martial Artist

Abilities: Stronger than expected, with quick reflexes, due to her training in martial arts and having a black belt in practically every type known, is one of her releases. Natural competency in almost anythign she does, quick learner.

Weapons: Unknown even to the nuns in the school that she lived at, the wires for her headphones is reinforced, mainly so that she never has to worry about them breaking, but it can also double as a whip/choking wire.

Other Important Items/Equipment: The choker she wears has a yellow feather that hangs from it, and it is very important to her, but she never has told anyone why it's so important, refusing to answer the question if ever put to her.


Norna Mae Annet was born in Oslo, Norway, a mystery. Nothing was known of her mother at all, except of course for what her father knew of her, but he never told her anything of the woman who had given birth to her. And Norna never met her own mother, never even making it to her mother's arms for whatever reason. All that she knew was that she was brought up by her father, a shady man in the best way to describe him, although he was very wealthy. The girl was left with nursemaids most of the time until she was old enough to care for herself, which was 6 by her fathers standards, because he was often not at home. There were times she wouldn't see him for months on end, so needless to say that she never knew the embrace of love at all, left to herself for so long. Even since a child, the only thing that gave her comfort and made her feel happy was music, always something that called to her soul.

Of course, as any responsible parent knows, it's too much to expect children to stay out of trouble completely, and eventually came the day that Norna would actually do something to anger him. When she was 9 years old, her father came home to find that the girl had almost burned down the house because of a fire that had started in the kitchen and she hadn't had the necessary skills to deal with it herself. Enraged at her she was beaten near to death, and hospitalized.

Due to her being hospitalized for the reason she was, the authorities were called in, but before an investigation could be done, her father took her from the hospital and moved them to Japan, living there for only a month before she was dropped off at the boarding school. She never bothered to remember the name of the school, but she did know it was a catholic boarding school. Made them wear ridiculous uniforms, with ridiculous rules and completely ridiculous everything.

She was about 9 and a half when this happened, and the only thing that she remembers of her father now, considering that she rarely ever saw him, was a shadowy figure with a brief idea of his features. She remembered he hadn't even looked back at her when he left her there, just left her with her things and was gone, and she never heard from him again. For all she knew he could have been in contact with the school, but she didn't really care too much, never having asked after it.

The 7 years weren't easy for the strange girl, she was by no means thought of as ordinary for a human with that strange hair color, the educators of the school at first thinking it was just dyed that color, believing it possible because of the young girls natural inclination to disobedience. So she had to suffer with having her head shaved at the age of 9 and a half and had to wait for her hair to grow back in. She was teased first of all for being bald, and when it was learned that her natural color was indeed that silvery white, she was teased for that by her peers. Needless to say, after that Norna refused to ever have her hair cut in any substantial manner, trimmed at most.

As she got older she proved to be a highly intelligent girl for never having been in school before, catching up and surpassing her peers quickly. She also had an aptitude towards any musical instrument and took up the martial arts eagerly, gaining herself highest honors in only a few years. However, the educators would always have concerns with her as she pretty much never made friends and stayed to herself, breaking the rules by listening to music whenever she could.

Shortly after reaching her 16th birthday she began to leave the school grounds more and more, disappearing for whole nights that she would just wander the streets of the city, listening to her music and doing whatever she felt like. She was confident in wandering unharmed, because only once in her time in Japan had she been hospitalized due to being attacked. This was right before she had gotten fully immersed in her martial arts and thinking she had no way of defending herself she was nearly killed by a supernatural creature, that she blocked out the memories of, so couldn't remember what exactly had attacked her. But now she had beaten up a few supernatural creatures easily, and generally wandered unharmed now. She had no idea of what this was leading up to for her, she just didn't want to be in that school, around those that were so stuckup and judgemental of her.

Because of friends she had made, one being a girl that had just lost her father, and a boy who was in the orphanage with her, she was disappearing every night. One night she had come across Shane, upset because of the fact that he knew nothing of why he had been left in an orphanage. And due to this she broke into the record room in order to get all of the information she could on Shane, to help him out. While there, she also found her own record and taking them she went to her room where she would read over them. It was then that she found out that she had been abandoned by her father, that he was never coming back for her and had done everything he could to make sure she wouldn't be able to find him. The day after when she was caught for having disappeared off of the school grounds, she was taken by one of the nuns to a secret part of the school and was strapped to a table. Right before she was punished however the nun turned around and crushed Norna's mp3 player, and then proceeded to whip the girl mercilessly so that her body began to bleed. However Norna wouldn't have noticed the pain so much because the rage of losing something so important to her would crowd her mind, and part of her heritage would have awoken. After snapping the restraints, the god part of her lashed out, causing everything in the building to blow up, including the nun that had been whipping her. Taken over by that she would make her way through the other buildings of the school/orphanage, blowing them up after everyone had been teleported out so they were unaffected. So it would be then that she left the place in flames and everyone in a panic before she came to her senses in a park, and realized that there was something different about her beyond what she might have been thinking before. And because she and Shane had nowhere else to go after she blew up the orphanage, they were invited to go and live with Carmen and her family. Everything was going good for awhile as they resided there with their dear friend, all three of them getting closer all the while, even to the point where Norna was beginning to having feelings for Shane, but she would never say anything because she didn't want to ruin their friendship.

However during that entire time, the worries about what and who she was always bothered Norna until one day she decided that she had to go back to her birthplace to find out before her powers resurfaced and she put her friends in danger. Leaving just a note explaining why she felt she had to leave, she would disappear. She'd gone back to Oslo, and for the first month or two she mainly was on the streets, not having a place to go since the only home she had known before being in Japan was gone. But it didn't deter her from trying to find out what she could and for the time being she would be searching for her father. She wouldn't find him though, as far as she could tell that he had disappeared off of the face of the earth, everyone that possibly would have known not having a single idea of his whereabouts or anything about him. Things would change however when in disappointment and defeat she had wandered to the older parts of the city, into the country and finding a temple dedicated to the Norse gods of old she had approached it, kneeling before it. Taking in a deep breath she prayed to them, telling of how worried she was for the people around her, how confused and alone she felt because she didn't even know who or what she was and everything else that was on her mind. Not long after she finished speaking there would be a silver flash and as it cleared, there standing before her would be a woman that was ageless and beautiful. Dark silver hair cascading around and down her shoulders and it seemed as if she had no eyes whatsoever, just blank white eyes. Norna, shocked and surprised would be unable to say anything as she gazed up at the woman. She would speak to Norna, telling her about how she was her daughter and that she was the Norn known as Verdandi, a goddess and that Norna's father had been the son of Norna-Gest the man who had lived for over 300 years, and a female Alfar or a Norse elf. She spoke to Norna of how she was half-Norn herself, and that she would have access to powerful abilities but she would have to train herself to know how to control them since she was only half. Norna would ask her many questions in response, including as why she had never met her before now, and why her father had abandoned her. Verdandi would tell her that she couldn't leave the Yggdrasil tree for long since the deal she had made with her sisters. Verdandi had fallen in love with Norna's father and wanted to have a life with him and so they had said that she could leave the tree for only for as long until she bore the child that she would have with him. She would tell Norna about how she felt bad for not being there for her daughter, but she couldn't do anything about it. And the reason her father had abandoned her and such was because fo the fact that she reminded him of herself too much and that he blamed her for Verdandi having to leave. It saddened Norna but she had began coming to terms about that, and the most important thing to her now was learning to control her budding powers so she wouldn't harm anyone that she cared for. Verdandi would then tell her that her sisters and her agreed that they'd be able to take her to the Yggdrasil Tree and train her.

For five months after that point, Norna would spend her time at the fabled Yggdrasil Tree, training with her mother and the other Norns. Although it was a glorious place that Norna loved she wasn't able to stay longer than the 5 months and she'd have to leave. By then she was able to fully control her abilities and use them. Even though she was able to then leave and go back to Japan, she stayed an extra month in Oslo trying to make her decisions because she was afraid of how her friends Carmen and Shane would feel towards her. She was frightened that they would hate her and not be able to accept her back. Finally one day after about a month of being back on the mortal plain she decided to just go ahead with it and go back to Japan. So teleporting herself back to the house she had last known Carmen and Shane to be, she went to find out how things would go.

-Updates and such needed-

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