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Kuniva Shigekazuia

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:21 am    Post subject: Kuniva Shigekazuia  Reply with quote

Looking For: Long-Term Relationship.

Additional Character Info:
*Music - He is the producer of a band. And spends a great deal of time on tour with them. That said, he is around loud music all the time. It's become part of who he is. He loves music. And occasionally, he'll even work as a DJ at The Rave.
*Partying - Give him a chance, and he'd party till he dropped. He loves to party, drink and just have fun. Of course.. that also means..
*Dancing - Ties in with partying, but he loves to dance.
*Drugs and Alcohol - He's not on many and is not an alcoholic, as his profile will show. But he does enjoy to dabble. His favorite drug is a tie between shrooms and pot. And his favorite drink is anything sweet tasting.. especially schnapps. Just no peaches please.
*Panda Plushie - He is never seen without this. It was a gift from a dear friend. Something he never gave up. And if asked to leave it behind at home or the hotel, one may just upset him. He adores his little panda plushie. And it goes wherever he is. As one will read in his profile, he also loves stuffed animals and his home is heavily decorated in them.
*Pretty Lights - Strobe lights and brightly colored multi-colored lights, he loves them. And finds it fun to dance beneath them.
*Family & Friends - He loves his family and friends. And while he is not in contact with his brother and mother, he still cares about them. And his friends, he treats like family. This includes the band members of any band that takes him on as a producer. He'll make bonds with those people and become close to them. He'd fight for them and protect them with his life.
*Sweets - He loves candy.
*Food - As long as it tastes good, he'll eat it.
*Snooty Types - Stuck up people tend to irk him quite badly. He tries to maintain a professional demeanor when dealing with clients. But stuck-up types tend to annoy him greatly.
*Cops - Being the party animal that he is, he does not like cops at all. He will try to play it cool when they're around, but he always has drugs of some kind on his person. As such, cops make him uneasy and nervous. And anyone that has dealt with cats, will tell you, a nervous cat is never good.
*Being Spooked / Startled - Be warned, you frighten him at your own risk. As he will draw a switch blade on the idiot that did it and he may lash out in an attempt to defend himself without thinking. Reacting more on impulse after being spooked.
*Certain Scents - There are some scents, he just can't handle. Like the odor of peaches for example. He's allergic to them. Even the scent of them make his stomach sour.

-Male or Female
-Any race is welcome. But be warned, he hangs around The Rave a lot. Which is a place that only serves anthros. When it comes to The Rave, no fur, no scales, no entrance.
-Must have patience. Those who get pushy and try to force love on him, will find they're left in  a hotel somewhere alone. If he feels rushed, he will flee. It'll take someone with patience to win him over. Although once one gets his love, he's a very loyal man.
-Able to handle being around drugs and alcohol.
-Able to handle his obsession with plushies.
-Able to handle the club scenes, bar scenes and anywhere he may offer to take the person of choice. This ties in with the next one..
-Able to handle being near the bands he works with. The main one being [L.S.D.]. As he spends a great deal of time when he's not partying, usually around the band. Either just hanging out as friends, or actually working.
-Can handle him even at his worst. Which includes when he's on bad trips from the drugs, when he's drunk and being silly, or even his random fits of sugar induced silly/randomness that gets him into mischief.
-Can be totally honest with him and not hide anything from him. If feeling uncomfortable or feeling they need to talk, to just tell him. He don't like it when people hide stuff from him.
-Can be faithful/Devoted to him once love has blossomed.
-Commited to the relationship, once love has blossomed.

Additional Details:

Perhaps his most favorite thing to do is travel. While he don't do it much anymore since the band mates of [L.S.D.] settled in Tokyo, he does enjoy traveling and seeing new things.

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